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Thanks to everybody for submitting these pictures. Why not show your car off here and tell us your story? If you would like to have your car featured here, please email appropriate details to Marketing & Publicity.

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Eric Bishop
Citroen Traction Big Fifteen(11b), 195?
Discovered sitting in front of a machinery shed on a farm east of Broken Hill on the Darling river when we stopp for a cup of tea. having spent 20 years under a tarp, its only use was as a dog kennel for his kelpies in the back seat, needless to say there wasn’t much leather left on the back seat! The vehicle was 100% complete, had no rust, and within half an hour we got it started. Eric Bishop
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Pete Griffiths
Citroen Traction 11b, 1954, purchased August 2014 from a gentleman in Worcester.
LSJ 230, on its first trip to Lake Vyrnwy, Powys after some renovation over the winter months.
Very enjoyable trip out without any mishaps. Pete Griffiths
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John Taylor
The car was sold new in Zimbabwe and somehow registered as a 1954.
I acquired the car via Ontario, Canada to Northern California where it now resides. John Taylor
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Frank Breen
Imported from South Africa, description and details to follow.
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Peter Wyart
This is a 1949 left hand drive Traction 15. The car was used in the Granada 1992 TV production of Maigret with Michael Gambon as Detective Maigret. Originally a Dutch registration car with registration plate 60 UM 21 and since extensively restored and re-registered in the UK. Peter Wyart
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Guenter Hurt
I am a new member and would like to introduce my car. I bought my 11BN (construction year 9/1952) from a Swiss gentleman last August. He had owned the car for the last 12 years and had it mostly stationed at his house in Spain. The car was returned to Switzerland last May and offered for sale on the Citroën Traction Avant Club Switzerland’s webpage where I found it. After an exchange of several emails and phone calls I decided to drive to Switzerland to see and test the car. I was more than delighted by the results. I bought the car on the spot and took it back with me to Vienna. It just needs a few minor repairs and touch-up to bring it to its original glory. Guenter Hurt
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The Boyd Collection
Besides the two 1955 and 1956 Normales and Emily, our 1939 Light Fifteen Roadster, we also have the 1929 Austin Seven Ulster Rep which I rebuilt some 15 years ago so that my son Marc could have something to play with in VSCC events. Sadly he is now into boats so the poor thing is rarely out of the garage these days. However when it is, it is a cracking good little car to drive and is good for 70mph (if you are daft enough to try it because the cable brakes would need at least half a mile to stop!) Fozzie, as she is known, has done most of the important UK Hill climbs including Prescott and Shelsey Walsh and has put up some quite respectable times.
The latest addition is the 1925 Citroën 5CV Cloverleaf acquired as a ‘bag of bits‘ in April 08 and just finished in yellow and black. Nowhere near as quick as the Austin she is never the less a delight to drive and attracts many an admiring glance as most French ladies do! She had one previous owner and still has only 13000 miles on the clock in all of her 85 years! We adore her." David Boyd
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Dave Winspear's 1953 11BL
I bought the car in 2004  and was assured by the seller and the local club mechanic, that the car had been extensively overhauled including the braking system. I have since found that the rear brake linings were very poorly fixed to the shoes, see attached photo and also the article and photo in FP September/October, I suspect the front ones will be the same! However the car runs very well, but, it is worrying that something such as this was missed as the mechanic renewed the brake cylinders for me and he must have been aware of the way the linings were fixed. The rest of the car seems to be done very well, but, how can I be sure? Anyway we use the car frequently and it has not let us down yet. My wife and I enjoy taking the car out and it is a really relaxed change from driving a modern car. It continues to attract a lot of attention and it is good to be able to let French people have a close look and also sit in the car, which seems to go down well. Dave Winspear
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Mike Bigland's 11BL
Built in Paris and purchased new in 1954 by an English professor who lived and worked in Provence. It spent the first 25 years of its life without suffering the corrosive effects of ‘road salt’, and was imported to the UK circa 1981. Now in the care of its 4th owners and has covered 119,000 km in total. This model has been mechanically restored by the owners, and still retains the original bodywork and most of the interior trim. The car is used locally and also for touring in France each year. Mike Bigland
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Steve Wright's 1954 11B
Steve recently joined the TOC after a stint of three years of "appearing" at rallies as the "official" photographer, passenger and general thirsty Tractionst (soon to be!). Having completed a full re-spray, engine rebuild, re-wire and Waxoyl, the next job is for Steve to install the 10 x 31 CW&P for those high speed runs. Here is the story of his car DSU 881 (previously 505 AV 24). The first owner of the car was a miller, by trade, and in order for him to not have to change from his work clothes, he ordered the car in grey with a grey/green leather-cloth interior. Little needs to be done, the car appears to have been well maintained and with a respray (it's currently hand-painted) it will be on show at Northumberland in July. Steve Wright
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Mike Tebbett's 1939 11BL (with a "friend")
I bought the car in Rouen back in February 2003 having seen an advert in "La Vie De L'Auto" and making contact with the owner. I went over by train and foot passenger on the ferry, did the deal and drove it back. The vendor assured me he was only the second owner, and that it came from the Nantes area, but I have no way of verifying this. It is very original, with the pre-war tubular seats, original headlining, etc, etc. and some nice period Robri extras like the door 'flashes', wing protectors, exhaust trim, and the casting over the starting handle aperture in the radiator grille. I have treated it to an engine rebuild and a new gearbox (the old one did the broken cwp and split casing trick!), as well as a rewire and various other odds and ends. It goes back to France fairly frequently, and gets used an awful lot because I just enjoy driving it! Originally a 7 'Eco', but the 1911cc 'Perfo' engine now fitted carries a 1939 casting date, and I suspect it has been in the car many years. 'Susanna' or '3267' is a 1935 Renault Paris bus, owned by a lovely man called Robert Jowitt who lives on the Isle of Wight and has four of them! He bought it straight out of service circa 1969 and drove it back to the UK after 20 minutes instruction round the bus depot! It is a lovely old thing, and this type of bus lasted on the streets of Paris until 1970 - petrol engine, crash gearbox, no power steering, no servo on the brakes ........ imagine that today! Robert has written several books on old transport including "Paris Is Well Worth a Bus", now out of print, but features many period shots taken in and around Paris of various buses and often with Tractions and the like in the frame as well. The photos were taken at 2009 "La Vie en Bleu" at the Bugatti Owners Club, Prescott, Gotherington near Cheltenham. Mike Tebbett
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Larry Lewis' 1954 11B
This is my 1954 11B, Belgian built with Lambert Nivelles wheels and 15-6 bumpers. I bought it in 1983 as a pile of scrap and was going to use it for a parts car, but the owner of the auto body shop said it was restorable, so it was. Work started in April of 1984 and it was in its first show in May of 1986. It was sold new at “Garage Imex” in Groningen, Holland. It is not known when it came to North America. It has a sliding aluminium sunroof, roll-up radiator shutter, VDO temp gauge and oil pressure gauge that are located to the left of the speedometer, and a Smith’s clock just to the left of the glove box. I don’t know if these are original but they do look it. I have added an ID-19 block with the original 11D head. The modern drive shafts and clutch make it more relaxing to drive. I’ve added air horns, an upper cylinder lubricator and a South Wind gas heater. It has won prizes in the past, but is now approaching ‘older restoration” status so the body should be redone. I rebuilt the engine last year and had the crank and flywheel and the pistons and rods balanced and it runs smooth as hell! My 1954 Light 15: Sold new in South Africa and it spent 1975-76 in Botswana before coming to Canada in 1977. It was put on the second story of a barn in the Gatineau hills near Ottawa. The bridge to the second floor had rotted away and the owner said that if I could get the car out it was mine for free. I had a bridge built in July of 2005 and had the car hauled out and we brought it back to Toronto where I rebuilt it mechanically and rewired it.  A new headliner and carpet and that’s it until this past September when someone crashed into the rear end. Now it’s in the body shop being repaired, the seats are out for redoing and the bumpers are being re-plated. Redoing the body will be easy as there is no rust whatsoever anywhere on the car. Larry Lewis
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Bob Whittaker's 1936 7C
I bought the Traction from an 87 year old Frenchman in Castillon la Bataille (Near Bordeaux) who had owned the car since the 1950s. The car is running but in need of restoration. The car lives in the village of Bassac, just east of Cognac (Department of the Charente). Bob Whittaker
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Gjalt Van Der Molen's 1937 Limousine
This car is in my garage now, in a perfect running condition. I bought it in 1967 in Bourges, Cher, from the second owner, who himself bought it second-hand in 1953. I still own the original carte grise. It left Javel on the 7th of April 1937, and was delivered to an unknown person in the Indre-county in France. During the war, it had been stashed away somewhere and no German ever knew about it. As a student in the sixties, I lacked money to do anything structural to it, just took it apart and sold it in crates to a friend of mine. This was Koos Duindam, the one who played the André Citroën-role at the 1989 ICCCR in Holland on board of Bouwe de Boer' s mock-22CV 8 cyl. Koos himself died later in 1989. His widow had the car finally restored in 1992 and offered it to me in 2000, so I couldn't help buying it back. An unique opportunity! The car is on some photos in Arras. The colour gris irisé/black fenders is not original, but I don't mind at all. The engine has been converted into a ID-crankshaft-hybrid, but perfo head and original 30 mm flat carb. Not exactly a sprinter, but it takes me anywhere. The gearbox housing is late 1937, so not original, the rest of the mechanics has been completely overhauled 17 years ago and running perfectly. 6V, no problems, even last winter at minus 18 at a wedding. The bride got nearly frozen, as no heating system is fitted, but with some blankets and hot water bags she survived anyway. Ice was forming inside every window, but no serious problems turned up. Gjalt van der Molen
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Pim Berends' 1954 11BN & 1939 11B Familiale
Since 1986 I've been driving a Blue nuit 11BN from 1954, which is still running very well. I was looking for a new project and found nearby an unfinished restoration project. This Traction is a rare 11B Familiale from 1939, equipped with two large folding seats and painted in the original Beige Irise (metallic). The car came originally from the South of France and was owned by several owners like John Gillard from the London garage. It took me two years to finish the car and it will soon be on Dutch license plates. Pim Berends, Editor of "Traxion"
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Richard Smart's 1955 Normale
The car was originally imported into the UK in 1982 and was restored by John Gillard for the London owner. The registration number at that time was SSV 690 and the car was dark green in colour. The car then changed hands and served as a wedding car and after another change of owner was bought by myself a couple of years ago after viewing on eBay. The car has recently undergone further restoration now Bleu de Nuit with help from Frome 2CV and Andrew Galt and is still fully 6 volt . Richard Smart
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Norman & Heather Wood's 1936 7C (Ex Luftwaffe!)
The car was originally registered in Paris and after the German invasion was commandeered by the German Army. The number plate designation WH signifies "Wehrmacht Heer". At some point during the war the vehicle was attached to the Luftwaffe Anti Aircraft (Flak) Batteries, this is shown by the design on the right wing. The 'L' on the left wing is the designation for the Panzer Lehr Division from which units served and fought in the Nancy / Verdun area in 1944 and elsewhere on the 'westfront' until the end of the war in 1945. The strange thing on the left wing is a 'Notek' convoy light, there is another Notek on the rear above the number plate, the rear version is a rectangular box with a hinged flap that can be moved to show either a red and orange light or four green lights. After the war the car was returned to civilian life and subsequently sold to the UK. The new owner traced the history of the car, apparently from the details shown on the rear registration plate as the numbers are stencilled directly onto the metal plate. He then repainted the car in the correct German military pattern. It came over to Jersey in the 1980's when it was purchased by the owner of a local museum. It was then sold on in the 1990's to a local collector and I purchased it in 2009. Its Jersey registration plates (J 2188) are removable to show the wartime numbers. Norman Wood
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James Geddes' "new" car
Image: 1
Nick and Joy Thorne's 1951 Slough, Small Boot Light 15 "Cybil"
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Bill Farmer's 1951, Paris 15/6
Here are a few snaps of my 1951 15/6 which I have here in Kampala, Uganda. I found the car in Cameroon (in a terrible state – as in, no floor etc.), took it to Barbados, and then Sussex and then to Kampala where I finished the restoration. It still has an overheating problem – so the radiator will get taken to bits shortly and I’ll have another go at tweaking the timing and a number of other things.Keep up the good work. Bill Farmer
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Carla Perry's 1954 11B
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Thomas Loebenstein's 1951, Paris 15/6
I bought the car in 1997 in France, some restoration has been done since, including a gear box rebuild by Roger Williams, who also fitted the longer axle ratio for Autobahn-use, which does not affect the car's versatility in our mountains. A warm period water heater is fitted, as well as a compressed-air horn and a wonderful cast aluminium fuel filter by Fiamm.
I've won a few rallies with the car, it is used for weddings, including my own, and I have it in frequent use during summer, you earn funny comments as a medical doctor arriving at hospital in a used car, as I like to say.
The 15/6, my 1967 DS21 Cabriolet Usine and my 1969 Steyr Puch Haflinger were featured in Practical Classics earlier this year.
PS: Do you like the registration number ? Thomas Loebenstein
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Helge Torgersen's 1949, Slough Big 6
This is my 1949 Slough built Big Six. The car was purchased in 1989 in Bavaria and ever since has been used on Austrian roads. The car had spent some time in France (in the Bretagne) during the seventies before having been sold to Germany, hence the French doors. How a Slough built Citroën happened to get to France, however, remains a mystery!
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John Sugden's 11B
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Mike Wortley's 1953 Light 15
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Graham Handley's 1951 Light 15
Having passed my driving test in 1966 in my then second Traction when I saw this for sale in Newcastle upon Tyne in 2000, I just had to have it. She's called "Fifi" and takes us on long, sometimes eventful, but always enjoyable, journeys. These young bridesmaids thoroughly enjoyed her !!
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Tom Evans' 1952 Slough Big 15
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Jim Fox's 936 11A Limousine
Image: 1
Jim Fox's 1949 Light 15
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Henry O'Hara's 1954 Big 6"H"
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Russell Phillipo's 1955 Legere
Russell says "Another one of my eBay purchases which runs like a sewing machine!"
Image: 1
David Lowe's 1938 Paris built RHD Legere
Apparently for periods in Australia, French built cars were imported as a "basic" model and the Slough built cars as the "deluxe". Also there is a story that in 1951 a dock strike in the UK meant that Citroën had to provide cars from France so there are "many" 1951 RHD 11BL's over here.
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Mick & Moira's 1955 11C
Image: 1
Trevor West's 1954 11B
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Richard Engledow's Paris Built 1946 11BL
eBay impulse buy in 2007 - made the same year as I was, my youngest daughter was about to get married and was looking for a different wedding car, I have always wanted to own one since I was young, Rhubarb & Custard paint job, how could I resist - I just had to take a chance!!
Ah - hello dear, I have some exiting news for you......
Most of the bruises have now healed, and 'OJ' was a big success at the wedding.
The car you see now is not as I received it, lots of work done, mainly electrics, interior, and paintwork. As soon as I have time I intend to write an article covering in more detail all the things I have done to renovate 'OJ'. Richard Engledow
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Phil Allison's 1939 Slough Roadster
The car is a 1939 registered Slough light 15 roadster but it appears to be a 1940 model with the three-piece dash. I have owned it for over 20 years. I am hoping to have it ready for the ICCCR in 2012. More pictures to follow as the work progresses.... Phil Allison
Image: 1
Tim Lane's 1935 7C
Here are a couple of photos of our 1935, 7C, in barn-find condition. It is now stripped out for repairs to long time past accident damage. The car is to undergo sympathetic restoration only. Tim Lane
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The "Callens Collection" - The Tale of Isabelle, Coralie and Eugénie
As long as we can remember we loved the Traction and hoped to be able to have one....
1996 July 3rd: 1934 Paris Built 7B "Isabelle". We saw a small red car 'for sale" along the road... it was love on first sight, within the hour we bought it… At first, we did not know it was a 7B from 1934 and that this model was rare and very different from the other Tractions. The interior had been renewed, body was good, but the engine and the mechanics were in a dreadful state... Over a period of two years we had many breakdowns… Fortunately then we met Daniël, who worked a whole year (1999 - 2000) on the restoration of the engine. Because she's a pretty little lady, we call her Isabelle.
Image: 1
2006 January: Now we look to buy a second Traction, to do the heavy work in Europe...  After all Isabelle is a fragile lady...  This time we searched on the Internet and found a beautiful blue 11BL from 1939 between other “old-timers”, in a garage... neglected...She seemed to be more or less in good condition, but there has been done much DIY-work on the car ...   only the interior was OK.The restoration took almost 9 months.  Because of her remarkable colour, we call her Coralie.
Image: 1
2008 April: We meet a Traction-collector, who has a very smart 15-6 from 1951 for sale, with the small boot as we like it... And there we go again. Mechanics, engine and body are in very good condition, but the interior has to be redone completely.  Because of her majestic appearance, we call her Eugénie.
Image: 1
2009 September: It's Isabelle's 75th birthday ! …  So, for this occasion, she deserves an official Belgian stamp value € 0.57.
Image: 1
Walter & Noëlla Callens, Wenduine, Belgium. (Rest of the World, Section Co-ordinators)
Robin Dyke's 1953 Light 15 "Nymphe"
Image: 1
Richard and Carol Carlins' 1952 Normale
This Paris built 11B Normale dating from March 1952 is one of the last of the small boot Tractions. Subject to a process of continuous restoration since its purchase in 2001, so far it has had full bodywork restoration by John Gillard followed by rebuilt engine, gearbox and driveshafts by Rich. Car sold in summer 2010. Richard Carlins
Images: 1   2   3
Dennis Hewitt's 1955 Normale
Purchased from Marcus Lasance by D Hewitt in 1991. Since then it has had the front floor replaced, four door skins and two door bottoms replaced (all Mick Peacock parts), the roof and bonnet re-sprayed, seats recovered, new carpet set, headlining, door panels. It has also been rewired. Dennis Hewitt
Image: 1
Dennis Hewitt's 1955 Cabriolet
Converted by Rudolf Ressel (Germany) in 1990 from a 1955 Normale using Mick Peacock parts. Converted to 12volts and fitted with an ID19 engine.
Purchased by D Hewitt in 2007. Since then various items have been changed to bring it closer to a 1939 replica. Dennis Hewitt
Images: 1   2   3   4   5
Dennis Hewitt's 1949 Paris RHD (Export) 11BL
Built in Paris for export to South Africa. Indirectly purchased from South African Motor Museum by D Hewitt in 1999. Since then it has had the seats recovered, new door panels, carpet, headlining, a re-spray and partial engine rebuild (cylinder head converted to unleaded and new valves, new rocker arm, new pistons and rings, re-metalled con-rods, recon water pump.) Dennis Hewitt
Image: 1
Mike McDonald's 1948 Slough Light 15
Once owned by Dave Davies of The Kinks!
Images: 1   2   3   4
Steve and Julie Reed's 1939 Normale in Barfleur
Image: 1
Mick Popka's 1949 11BL
An original example of a 1949, LHD, Paris built. Bought by Mick in 1987 and since then has covered over 100,000 miles. Interior re-trimmed in 1988, engine replacement in 1997. Originally owned by a doctor for 29 years, imported to England in 1969 (Registered VLM59G), re-registered as VDN199 in 1988. Mick Popka
Images: 1   2
1946 Slough Built, RHD, Light 15 (with pre-war body) "Ruby"
Located in London
Images: 1   2   3   4
Coming Soon: The "Presidential" Limousine
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