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Traction and other Citroën Related Links

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Gert Vegter’s Traction Avant links

Encountered a "Broken" link? Do you know of any Traction or Citroën sites that are not listed above? Please contact the webmaster with details.

Link Description
The Citroën Ami 6 in the Netherlands.
(Language - Dutch)
The Amicale Citroën International for Citroën Clubs Worldwide.
Amicale Traction Marais Poitevin
La Rochelle based Traction Club.
(Language - French)
Anciennes. French equivalent of "Auto trader"... for Vintage cars and more!
(Language - French)
An interesting site with lots of links to other French Traction sites.
(Language - French)
(Language - Dutch)
Enjoy videos, photos and interviews on the official website, to share this unusual adventure and enterprise across Africa on biofuel.
(Language - French)
B11 Butiken - New Swedish Spares site with useful illustrated spares catalogue.
(Language - Swedish)
French Site with all sorts of "oddities".
(Language - French)
An interesting Finnish site which stocks a full range of official Citroën and Michelin memorabilia. Everything from Michelin men to enamel signs, model cars to wallpapers.
(Language: Finnish)
The One and Only CCC!

The Scottish Section of the CCC - read all about the Citroen events that are being held "North of the Border"!
Citroën Car Club of South Africa.
Citr'ön Paper. A personal web-site set up by a self confessed Italian "enthusiast". Masses of literature (in all languages), brochures, colour schemes, photos, postcards and even "stills" from films with Tractions and DSs. An amazing collection!
(Language: Italian & English)
Citroën Classic Owners Club of Australia Inc was formed in 1978 when the Traction register of the Citroën Car Club of Victoria broke away from the CCCV to better cater for Traction owners requirements for restoration skills, technical advice and spare parts. Sound familiar?
Citroën Car Club of New South Wales.
Established in 1957 - read all about the Citroen scene "down under"
  Citroën Car Club of San Francisco.
Citroën TA 7A. A site dedicated to the Pre-War 7A.
(Language: French & English)


The only Auto Jumble in Europe which is dedicated to Citroën parts! This  is the event that you can not afford to miss - a weekend in Amsterdam...! Alternately, fly into Amsterdam (Schipol) and catch a No. 300 Bus which takes you right to the door and be home for tea!
(Language: Dutch, French, German, English)
Julian Marsh's site of everything CITROËN - past, present and future!
Club Traction Avant, Madrid.
(Language: Spanish)
Corstiaan Bos's website showing the restoration of his 15/6.
CTA Service Holland bv - Traction Spares.
(Language: Dutch & English)

CTA Service Sweden  - Peter Larsen's site. Traction technical Info.
(Language: Swedish & English)

Citroën Veteranen Club. Extensive German site with many links around the Internet to all sorts of Citroën sites....& videos.
(Language: German)  
CQS is a Classic Car Atelierspecialising in Citroën and Maserati.
Devon Tractions - a new site for Mark Harding's Services
Depanoto - Traction Spares......... need I say any more?
(Language: French)
Flaminio Bertoni (1903 - 1964) - the visionary who designed the Traction Avant in one night in plasticine. He then went on to design the 2CV, TUB and DS19 and finally the AMI 6.
(Language: Italian & English)
Guilde Mondial Des Tractionnistes (GMT)
A fantastic site dedicated to monitoring the production of replacement Traction spare parts - a "Consumer Association" to provide practical information to its members.
(Language: French & English)
Graham Morton Vehicle Services. Traction spares, servicing, repairs and restorations.
Internet Movie Cars Database. Still photos of Citroëns in the movies! 
16th ICCCR - ACI Event of the Year 2016. Date and location to be confirmed.... somewhere in Holland.
Link Description
Everything Citroen! Sadly missed, Jeroen left us in July 2007, however the site continues in Jeroen's memory.
La Traction De Provence - Traction Avant in Provence.
  La Traction Du Perigord - Traction Avant in Bergerac.
(Language: French)
La Traction Rhone-Alpes.
(Language: French)
Individual site showing photos of the restoration of an 1952 11BL.
(Language: French)
Find your French Traction here! Modify the search to look for parts.
Les Six Troenes
Supplier of NOS (New Old Stock) and second hand parts for Michelin, Cibie, Marchal, Paris-Rhone, Ducellier, Jaeger & Scintilla
Les Belles Champenoises D'Epoque.
Classic Car Show held in Reims every March.
(Language: French)
Jose Franssen's - Traction spares and useful exploded parts diagrams.
Jacky Pasek's pages - restoration of a B and photos of his automobilia museum.
(Language: French)
Karel Beukema toe Water's siteshowing the restoration of Karel's 15/6 Hydraulique.
Visit Dougal and co in Bawtry, South Yorkshire and also in France to learn all about tyres.
Neo Retro - French Traction spares site.
(Language: French)
  Paris-Moscou-Paris 1984. The site of Verslag van Rudyhadee. Read all about the 10,000Km expedition that took place 17th July to 11th Aug 1984 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Traction.
Pre-War The daily magazine & marketplace dedicated to the pre 1940 car.
Retrogarage Christian Heussi . Swiss Site offering traction spares.
(Language: German)
Retromobile - the Classic Car Show. Held in "Porte de Versailles" every February. 
  Ronny's Tractions. The name says it all! With sound also!
(Language: German)
Rosalie Citroën Club. The place to visit for everything you always wanted to know about the Rosalie!
Southern California Citroën Car Club. If you are in Hollywood, California, then these are the people to contact!
Swiss Traction Owners Club (CTAC) - Traction Avant in Switzerland.
(Language: German)
Eric Massiet's site.
(Language: French)
TAN Midden Section. Web pages of the Midden Section of the Dutch Traction Owners Club.
(Language: Dutch) A new site spotted by Al Pattillo.It has links to manuals etc plus much more.
(Language: French)
Traction Avant Denmark.Traction Owners Club of Denmark.
(Language: Danish)
French Site with lots of photos. NOTE: Many of links from the site don't work.
(Language: French)
Traction Norvëge. Traction Owners Club of Norway.
(Language: Norwegian)
Traction Universelle. Main site for the "impassioned" French Tractionists. (Ask Robin Dyke to explain the structure to you....).
Traction Universelle - Nord. A site for the "impassioned" Northern French Tractionists.
(Language: French)

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