Spare Levy Scheme

To join the spares levy scheme, you make a one-off payment and then you will get a 10% discount on all parts ordered from the TOC spares shop. If you leave and subsequently rejoin the Traction Owners Club you will need to pay to re-join the spares levy scheme.

Terms and conditions of supply can be found here.

Payment can be made by BACS Transfer, Cheque, Credit Card or PayPal via the Membership E-store.

Terms and Conditions

  1. In addition to its basic membership subscriptions, the Club shall be able to collect a fund of money to be known as the Spares Levy. This can be regarded as a means of investment for members, as it will be used to support the running of the Spares Scheme, the purpose of which is to provide spare parts, specialist tools and other items which are necessary to repair, restore or keep running the cars in which the Club’s interests lie. The provision of this service, which is a declared aim of the Club, is considered necessary because such parts and services are known to be unavailable from usual motoring sources, including Citroën UK.
  2. The Spares Levy fund shall be used firstly to support the running of the Spares Scheme, by such as insurance, rent for storage and equipment for sorting of stock, and secondly for purchase or otherwise obtaining items for sale in the Spares Scheme. Such use of the fund shall be at the discretion of and by agreement with the Spares Co-ordinator and the Committee, and money shall not be spent without their general consent. They will aim to use the fund in the best interests of the Club and the Spares Scheme.
  3. The Spares Levy fund may be contributed to optionally by any TOC member, who shall become a levy member and who shall receive a separate receipt. A TOC member may pay the Spares levy on first joining the Club, or on any renewal of Club subscription. The contribution to the Spares Levy fund is payable only once during a member’s contiguous membership.
  4. The Spares Levy fund contribution is payable at the time the member joins the Spares Levy fund. The price includes VAT at the prescribed rate.
  5. Levy members can expect to pay preferential prices for those spares and services provided through the Spares Scheme.
  6. The sale of, and price structure for, goods and services under the Spares Scheme will be entirely at the discretion of the Committee and/or the Spares Co-ordinator.
  7. The sale of parts and services to TOC members who are not levy members, and to non-TOC members, shall be permitted, entirely at the discretion of the Spares Co-ordinator and the Committee, who shall assess whether the supplies of the item are sufficient for levy members as well as others. Where supplies are sufficient, these shall be sold at non-preferential rates to non-levy members and non-TOC members.
  8. Levy members whose TOC membership has lapsed are no longer eligible to purchase goods at preferential prices. Members who rejoin the Club after a lapsed membership are required to purchase the Spares Levy again to regain the right to purchase goods at preferential prices.
  9. Members may be asked to provide proof of current TOC membership and the fund receipt when purchasing.
  10. A member’s Spares Levy fund contribution is not transferable to another member under any circumstances, nor shall it be refundable.
  11. Members may face expulsion from the Spares Scheme under the same conditions as described in the basic Rules of the Club (available on request to members).