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    Nicholas Hall


      I have owned a Slough Small Boot Big Six for many years [1951]. It is in regular use. But when I bought the car as a rolling restoration, the radiator grille supplied was terrible – I had to straighten and repair it as far as I could but it was far too bad to chrome so it is painted black; those that I have acquired since that looked better, weren’t usable either! So, before La Ferte Vidame, if anyone has a good Six grille that they can spare, I would be very grateful to hear!
      I don’t have any Six spares available at the moment but when I have a good sort-out, I will let Six owners know if anything turns up.

      For any 4-cyl owners, I have a good new old stock Payen CS1A152 head gasket set, copper gasket of course,
      a lovely period NOS gearbox gasket set: ‘Joints Excelsior Pochette No 13.105 Citroen 7 et 11cv. – Boite de Vitesses et Divers’ [Curty & Cie, it looks old but good unopened condition],
      and a NOS gasket set for what I think must be the Solex 32 PBIC by Carbrette Ltd.



        John Gillard explained to me that the basic Six radiator grille is exactly the same pressing as that of a Big 15 or Normale.  The only differences are the bracket welded top center for fixing to the top of the rad and the additional holes plus two captured nuts at the bottom to take the air deflector plate.  I was not prepares to try and salvaging my original grille which housed the only rust on the vehicle – so I obtained a very good Normale grille and had the changes made before chroming and painting.

        So I suggest you widen your search to include Normale grilles.

        Otherwise, I do still have my original 6 grille.  Rust has penetrtated in a couple of places but I could send pictures if you think it might be better than what you currently have.


        p.s. – Re your 11CV gaskets – I believe you have quoted an incorrect part number ….

        The Payen ref, CS1A152, applies to a “conversion set” – that is the set for the bottom end of an engine which, together with the relevant headset, (HS1A152) creates a Full engine set (also sold in pairs as FS1A152).

        CS1A152 should only contain the sump gasket components consisting of the two long side pieces and the two semi-circular crankshaft seals.  Definitely no head gasket.

        The Payen reference for the head gasket alone is 1A152.


        B ……… The (ex-Payen) Pedant


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