1953 (Big Boot) 11BL in Taunton **SOLD**

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        There’s quite a few Tractions for sale on that site. Just for a change, have a look at this- My Saab is in identical shape and less miles too. 😀 It’s also from South Africa and has those added-on reflectors.




          ” 3 cyl two stroke 748 CC engine and 3 speed manual gearbox” – Wow!

          and look at those aerodynamic lines…. very pretty!

          Given that they drove on the left, as per the “Mother of the Empire”, it’s a surprise that these 2 LHD models exist.
          The TOC bought 2 container loads of Traction Spares from South Africa, a number of years ago, I understand that it was all Slough stuff, most of which is hard to find.

          Can you post some pictures of your SAAB Larry?


            That Saab is beautiful.


              11Bl for sale in Taunton is sold.


                Thanks Den.
                Do you know the new owner?


                  I know who has bought it, yes.


                    I know this is an old thread, but I was asked to post a picture of my Saab- this is it, taken about 20 years ago at a show somewhere near Toronto. Note the South African-required reflectors. It’s just the same except that grill badge is gone. It’s from google images. Looks like an SM next to it on the left. There’s other pictures of it on Google images if you feel like looking.


                  Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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