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      Did you see my letter in this months FP 😀


        I did see your letter and I am pleased to say that all the TOC members of this forum know now who you are. As you know this idea of using aliases on a forum that is supposed to be for TOC members only (one day the powers that be will remove all those who are not members, they have been saying it for a long time now) is a pet hate of mine.


          Unfortunately (or not), Registration to the forum allows you to choose any Username that you wish to be known or unknown by.

          When the forum was originally set up, we intended to permit anyone to register and review their subscription periodically with a view to welcoming them to join the TOC as a member.

          It was intended that non-members would have permission to view, with permission to post restricted to TOC members only.

          Unfortunately, in July we had a SPAM attack launched from the Forum which resulted in our ISP (UK2.net) shutting down the whole “Traction-owners.co.uk” site.

          Having resolved the problem, the site was returned to normal operational status within 48 hours.

          To prevent further problems with the registration of malicious non-members we have restricted registration to only TOC Members and have “pruned” other non-members.

          In the new year it is planned to carry out further “pruning” to remove any remaining non-members.

          As for Usernames, once set up they can’t be changed, however there are 2 alternatives:
          1. Modify the signature, via the User Control Panel, to include full name.
          2. Register as a New Member with a new Username (if you are advised that the email address is already in use, please email me and I will remove the “old” account for the unwanted Username.

          Hope this helps.

          BTW of the 89 Registered users only 38 have posted to the Forum.
          Of the 38 only 9 have submitted 10 or more posts (inc replies)
          Of the 9 the “Top 3” have posted 124 or more posts


            I use the same name on all the forums I use – just because it is easier to remember.

            And I do as mentioned above, just add my name in the signature.

            I did think this was a TOC only forum though.

            PS (I am with UK2.net too for my website)

              Den Hewitt wrote:
              There is another English speaking forum – The Traction Avant Forum Circle http://tractionavant.forumcircle.com/portal.php

              But have you seen the last date of entry. Not very well used at all. Hence the letter to try and make this one as popular as the TU Forum. These forum really help me along with the projects in the winter. Also allows for a decent technical archive for others.


                I also use the same user name in all forums, but I will add my name into my signature as well.


                  But only a first name does not tell other members who is posting. Why hide identity?

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