37 Legere cabriolet for sale

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    Larry Lewis

      have a look at this- looks like a decent project.


      David Faulkner

        What numpty put the carb overflow pipe pointing onto the exhaust manifold?

        That kind of action would make me very wary of the quality of any other work that has been done to the car having seen some of the horrors going through James’s workshop……


          I think it looks fairly original and has clearly been off the road for some time as the ad suggests.  The fact there is no air cleaner implies the engine was never displayed and I would guess the overflow pipe was disturbed long after it was last running but, out-of sight means out of mind and nobody bothered (or knew) to reset it correctly.

          In my experience the average museum is not the best place for a car to be kept well maintained because their key priority is normally that it looks good but is will not be taken out and used.  I have personal experience of a similar car displayed which was loaned to a well known UK museum in good running condition but, when the time came for the owner to have it back, despite looking nice it was virtually undriveable and had to be completely overhauled mechanically.

          I would expect this to be the same but, as long as the coque is sound – and the price is right – it could be a good buy.  Definitely not to be bought “blind” though.




          Larry Lewis

            I just noticed that it has the 32PBIC carb so that and the intake manifold have been changed. Yes, it has needs. But if the price is right…

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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