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        I want to change the car to 12v it is a 6v French LHD at present. I know I need to fit alternator and change bulbs but beyond that I am in the dark. Will I need to change the starter motor? Will I need to source a new wiper motor and will a uk one fit? Help please.




            I used a 15amp 12v-6v reducer for the wiper motor which works well.

            The 6v starter was fine for around 9 months, however hot starting was a problem whilst in France for the 80th rally and the starter eventually failed in the rally field so I now have a 12v one fitted.

            You may get away with a 6v starter motor for years, others have, it all depends on how often your starting the car.

            The TOC Spares alternator kit is simple to swap over from a dynamo as all the fixings are in the correct place. You can do it cheaper, but would have to cobble together part of the top stay bracket.

            Also, the standard pulley supplied is on the large size and as the engine is slow revving compared to modern cars it’s better to source/have made a smaller pulley so full charge kicks in faster, around 70mm is ideal but then you need to use a ‘notched’ fan belt as the diameter of the pulley is too small for a standard B section one and they will start to break up fairly quickly (well mine did)


              I just did mine – check out CAS-shop.nl for an alternator kit. Although I love TOC spares, the pound is hideous at the moment so buying in euros is quite a bit cheaper.

              I have a complete wiring diagram if required, you can leave out the optional power steering, electric fuel pump etc.

              Just let me know


                I would love the wiring diagram. I will be fitting power steering in the new year. I will get a 12v starter as reliability is my main concern. Can I fit the English wiper motor to a French car? I will have to try and borrow the back issues from a friend.


                  @bazessex wrote:

                  I would love the wiring diagram. ……. I will have to try and borrow the back issues from a friend.

                  You don’t need to borrow back issues they are all available to view in the members only section of the website here:

                  Wiring diagrams are also available here:

                  If you have not yet received your Username and Password, just drop an email to the membership secretary at membership@traction-owners.co.uk



                    Thanks, I have my password etc so will get looking. I need a new computer since this one has many issues but money going on car now.

                  Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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