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      Many members will know that Andy Burnett has amassed an impressive collection of Traction parts over many years, including a lot of Slough items. Andy is now having a (another) clearout and sent me his list. He is listing the parts in the classified section of F-P but I thought I would post his list here as well.

      The parts are listed in groups which relate to where they are located Chez Burnett – they are not grouped according to what they are. So if you are looking for something specific you will have to search the whole list. Contact Andy if you are interested in anything – email:


      Lists of spares and where stored.   All for traction unless otherwise stated

      Group 1:

      Scissors Jack,   wooden box of s/h pistons and liners for perfo Chinese hat wheel embellisher – poor .

      2 good Dyane wheel embellishers   4 Slough pudding bowl w/embellishers-3 good.   2 alternators

      6 s/h radiator hoses.    Box of cylinder head parts.   Oil pump parts.  2 steel square box behind engine

      4 s/h clutch plates.  5 of wing mounts for headlamps.

      Box of dynamo parts.   Lucas 12v dynamo, spade connectors22715.  Box of 4speed gearbox bits.

      Gearbox casing, no lid.  2 RHD bell housings.  Mainshaft  with good 2nd gear. w/pump baseplate.

      Box of gearbox parts.  Box of w/pump parts /spindles.  Complete set of front axle pivots.  Fan blade.

      2 fan belt pulleys.  2 ”D” thrusts. Oil pump parts. D exhaust manifold modified to take perfo downpipe.

      Rocker cover.  12v solenoid.  Speedo cable. Dyane light switch.

      Group 2:

      12 new radiator hoses.  2 Lucas 12v windtone horns +refinished top.  Roll of B/boot surround.

      H/lamp base plate + mounting.  1 new and 4 s/h coils and 2 s/h solenoids, all 12v.  s/h Siema tail=light lens.

      Lucas spotlight body, 2 lens, 1 glass.  Chrome B/Boot rear illumination cover.  Slough Front sidelamp-poor

      Slough “pudding bowl” wheel embellishers-5 rechromed, 1 poor,+ -with centre hole- 3good, 2 poor.

      2 sets Black inertia seat belts. box of s/h ball joints for front axle, pedal gear, timing cover, s/h mudflaps.

      3 dash gearchange mechanisms. 2 top wishbones.  2 brake back-plates. Set alloy trims, carpet to door.

      Roll of door covering.  Roll of adhesive sponge rubber strip. ”D” water pump drive plate.

      Group 3:

      Steering rack concertina covers- 2 brown leather, 2 black leather, 2 rubber,  16 rubber anti-rattle buttons.

      2 front cradle bump-stops. 13 ball-joint covers (also D) 3 door anti rattle triangles=18 special screws for them.

      6 pedal rubbers.  1 scuttle vent rubber.  Front and rear heater tube ends.  3 petrol tank pipe rubbers.

      1 shaped and 2 flat rubber r/cover gaskets. 7 rubbers for rear axle tie-rod. 4 lengths rubber doors surround.

      3 rubber squares narrow type– at t/cover fixing. Bag of door bottom rubbers.   2 oil seals.

      Group 4:

      2 water pump gaskets.  Lotus conversion kit-sump and seals.  DS o/e cylinder head kit.  Gearbox gasket set.

      Cyl.-head gaskets – 1 copper faced, 2 good normal, 3 poor.  Sump gasket set.  5 timing cover gaskets.

      Piston liner gaskets and square section cork gaskets.

      Group 5:

      3 Slough front brake hoses.  2 short rear brake hoses.  7 vacuum pipes with ends.  1 traction clutch plate.

      2 chevron rubber mudflaps. Bendix front wheel cylinder. Bendix master cylinder. Same but no name.

      Set of 2 top wishbone inner pivot assembly with normal bushes.  Set of 2 same, but SCD Rubber bushes.

      Group 6:

      1 square speedometer.  4 of square fuel gauges.  2 of square ammeters.  1 square empty housing.

      2 long metal housing for square instruments. 4 chrome dash finisher panels for square instruments.

      1 Slough round speedo glass with MPH decals.  1 Slough oblong interior light. 2 oil warning lights-green.

      1 long combination stalk  for indicators, horn and dip, square instruments.  3 Slough ignition/light switches.

      2 chrome horn buttons and 2 indicator switches for above switch assembly.

      2  off/side/head plates to go with lighting switch. 3 twist/turn stalk light switches – late tractions/D.


      Group 7:

      1 Lucas rechromed headlamp unit

      1 new and 2 S/h Lucas 700 headlamp units, all good. 2 S/H Lucas same but with holes for sidelamps.

      2 converter rims. 3 complete Lucas round foglamps. 2 spotlight bodies, good chrome.  2 lens, poor.

      Box s/h . 1 bare windscreen glass.  brake parts.  2 extreme rear glasses. Slough rear window surround.

      Red interior fine piping.  Black beading between wing and body.

      Group 8:

      Peacock repair panel for/o/s front wing,rear end.  4 AXO front end rear wing embellishers.  2 new tall type front end rear wing embellishers, 1234 D and G.   2 AXO front wing rear end embellishers. a round mirror head.

      Complete wing mirror.  New TEX wing mirror stalk.  2 new Desmo oblong mirror heads.   1 door exterior mirror.   New SIRAN ammeter (boxed).  1 new clock-square (boxed) CITROEN bolt-on chromed badge.  5 s/h Slough oblong brown Bakelite ash-trays.  2 new bolt-on replacement indicator units (Chrome and amber lens).  17 bonnet opening handles (mostly poorer condition).

      Group 9:

      3 flat bumpers, chrome reasonable.  3 Light 15 chrome grilles, 1 with chevrons and mesh.  Bundle of narrow alloy surrounds for grille(poor).  Roll of new rubber matting.  4 door glasses.  1 under bonnet heater tube.

      Box of 8 window winders, door locks and rubber seal.  Box of rear hub bearings in oil.  Box of speedo cables and Slough wiper rack cables. 3 cradle to front bumper supports.  s/h Slough front seat – poor condition.

      Group 10:

      Large box of s/h lens, indicators and lighting.  2s/h brake cables.  2 new light switches (A)  2 later Lucas tail-lights  good lenses.  Box of 20 distributor caps + SU petrol pump.  Oil bath air cleaner, complete unit. Box of 6 coils, 7 distributors and Lucas 7” Headlamp unit.  Box of speedo, advance and retard and choke cables   Box of s/h tail light lens and bases, 10 Lucas, 5 French.  Tail light for big boot rear illumination[ab1] .    2 oil pressure and a dual oil pressure /water temp guage,  1 pipe.  New boxed Lucas oltage control box RB106, + s/h one same, both 5 terminal.1 round interior roof light, oblong lens and 2 surrounds.  2xRHD and 1 LHD steering rack part only.  1 Reconditioned complete RHD Light 15 steering sack complete but without long pinion shaft extension. 1 Legere LHD steering rack casing with mountings and end piece, with the loose rack and short pinion included, ready for full rebuild.

      Group 11:

      1 R/H/F torsion bar.  Set of 4 “D” conrods.  Box of S/h fuel pumps, mostly AC.   Box of s/h Solex Carbs.

      3xSU 12v petrol pumps.  5 carb. To pivot control rods plus long rod. 2 telescopic shock absorbers.

      3 gearbox levers.  1 underbonnet gear-rod control.  Box of windscreen wiper motors and parts.

      Cylinder head with rocker gear and water pump.4 petrol tank sender units.  DUCEL starter motor, -not complete.  4 LUCAS 12v starter motors, v/good.3 Perfo water pumps.   2 “D” water pumps.   2 rechromed Slough grille chevrons.  DUCEL dynamo12v, good (exD)  12v dynamo body and brush end 0228139.  6v Paris Rhone as above, 8269.6v dynamo complete faulty.  Fan Blade, Roof aerial. 2 spot mounting brackets.

      Group 12:

      1 good radiator. 1 good front brake drum. 2 rear brake drums, I rusty.  I flywheel with p/plate.  i good with starter ring. I modified lightened flywheel, no starter ring.  3 pressure plates.  2 complete front hubs with early “D”and good tapers.  I REBUILD 3speed gearbox, with 10×31 final drive rebuild by R. Williams himself with all new bearings and synchros.  A1.  Also, a modified early “D” 4 speed gearbox modified for use in Traction by same man in excellent condition.

      Group 13:

      Excellent early “D” engine Shell big ends and main bearings, all new pistons and liners, and shells, totally refurbished and run, great condition. No cylinder head at present, choose wisely which one to use!

      Group 14:

      2 complete windscreens with alloy frames 30ft of brown “hide-em” piping for car interior finishing.

      Group 15:

      New Michelin X tyre 165×400 in black bag. New Michelin airstop inner tube, same size.

      A brown 2-spoke steering wheel. Multiple fittings centre hub, usual crack in plastic arm.

      Square rear number plate panel  –  in self-etch primer.

      R/H closing panel between bonnet and wing –same.

      L/H closing panel between bonnet and wing – same.

      Several rolls of coloured interior fabrics for interior finishings.

      Special lidded box to fit into rear boot of small boot models.

      Group 16:

      2 of round 4-pin junction boxes.  2 of later open 5-pin junction boxes.  2 inline long junction boxes.  2 Slough Torpedo front sidelamps complete.  6 chromed glass lens for them.  2 repeater sidelamps.  4 headlamp mounting plates and special bolts.  Drawer of indicator parts flasher units etc.  2 headlamp bulb connectors.  24 special metal clips holding headlamp unit into rim.  6 Lucas special clips securing headlamp rim to bowl.  Container of specific concave washers for headlamp mountings and bulb fittings.  5 column mounted Dyane indicator switches for use with tractions.

      Drawer, 20 plus headlamp bulbs.  Of petrol guage sender parts. Of Lucas starter motor parts, brushes etc. of Lucas dynamo parts, brushes, etc.  of new and s/h spark-plugs.  Of various types of spark plug caps.  2 drawers of distributor parts, caps, vacuum units, baseplates, points, rotors and condensers. Of w/wiper parts,4 new baseplates, 12 knobs, 3 gearboxes, etc. of door catches, plates and springs.  Of 2 new timing chains and parts.    Of electrical switches, various gaskets below piston cylinders, holders, etc.  of perfect chrome Slough windscreen opening mechanism, Gearchange knobs and chromed bezel plate.   Of big boot handles and hinges.  Of 11 small boot opening handles and parts some with v/good chrome.

      Of 16 petrol tank and radiator caps.  Of headlamp mountings, bonnet springs and bonnet strip ends.  Of 5 aets of brake cylinder repair rubbers.  Of carb gaskets and parts and 2 bolt-on rubbers for 11D.  of brake parts.  Of Slough wiper arms and blades.  0f new various small gaskets.   Of 4 rack mountings 2 s/wheel mounting plates and various rubbers.  Of new pinion shaft and slider, bearings, 20 +cups, gaskets tubes, balls, etc. of track rod parts and repairs.  Of water pump parts and gaskets.  Of 6 steering wheel centres and 5 under-covers.  Of driveshaft nuts and various type wheel nuts. Of exhaust manifold gaskets.  Of cylinder head rocker, tube and parts.  Of piston rings, gudgeon pin clips and engine parts.  Of carb. parts, diaphragms and repair kit.  Of 16 s/h driveshaft bearings, inner and outer. Of  2 s/h thrusts, D thrust and 2 large splined (D) shaft thru bell housing and 2 gearbox speedo outputs.  2 new and 5 s/h  d/shaft bearings.  Of various new gaskets below piston liners. Of engine and mechanical parts.

      Group 17:

      2  SCD modified gearbox output flanges.  2 SCD distributor mounting tubes with O rings.  “D” articulated clutch release push-rod.  2 special clamps securing rear torsion bars at centre.  2 new rubbers for underneath engine support springs.    inner driveshaft parts and new hardy-spicer couplings.  Box of semaphore indicator parts.  Box of 6v bulbs, new &s/h.  box of new (24?)  Cylinder head bolts.  4 bumper over-riders, poor chrome.  Box of seat mountings-  LHD.

      Group 18:

      AC fuel pump complete.  Box of AC pump parts and repair kits.  2 new ball-joint covers (D).  drawer of lower B/joint covers and plates.  Drawer of push-rods and cups and engine parts.  Lucas boxed distributor contact sets.vis.4 of 420196/B1353, 3 of 420194, 1 each 423153/B1350, 400415,420197.  12 condensers, 9 rotors, various loose points and condensers, etc.  drawer of new and s/h brake cylinder and kits.


      Big boot panel finished in immaculate 2-pack black, off a Big 15 initially and also in same finish the narrow panel between bottom of boot lid and bumper.

      Big 15 / Normale RH front wing and LH rear door – both in unmarked glossy 2-pack paint.





        3 speed traction gearbox, rebuilt by the maestro himself, Roger Williams (SCD) of Beverley.
        This gearbox was in first class condition and took it to him to have the new 10×31 crown wheel and
        pinion fitted and set. However, much to my surprise (and some annoyance) he bucketed every
        bearing, replaced all with new bearings and even new synchromesh cones! Al this cost a small
        fortune, but the end result once I fitted it was well worth, -quiet, fast and powerful, absolutely great.
        I ran this gearbox for about 1500 miles, really to prove it before taking Roger’s advice and fitted the
        4-speed converted D gearbox which is still in the car. It is a really good box, simply great!

        THIs gearbox again was converted and rebuilt by the same Roger Williams and was the spare for my
        own if ever needed. It has never been fitted or run and is now for sale.
        D ENGINE FOR FITTING TO A TRACTION! These engines have the great advantage over the perfo one
        in that it has shell bearings at both big-ends and at main bearings which of course have much tighter
        clearances and longevity and much cheaper to repair or overhaul if necessary. It was fitted with new
        pistons and liners, new shell bearings throughout, new oil pump etc. and no cylinder head
        meantime, but can be fitted with either a perfo head, of better still, an 11D head. Of course the alloy
        original D head can be fitted but very few would want the hassle and inconvenience of that! It too
        has been run for about a thousand miles and is now for sale!

        LIST OF PARTS!
        ENGINE BAY!
        Set of 4 D conrods. They can be exchanged for existing conrods in Perfo engines and of course take
        shell bearings. The 11D engines have them fitted as standard.
        Perfo cylinder head with valves, rocker gear and water pump.
        Set of new main bearing shells for D engines (.25)
        New timing chain.
        2 SCD modified distributor mountings with “O” rings.
        Various bearings of all types and small gaskets
        Cam followers, pushrods and new cylinder head bolts.
        Box of AC petrol pumps and new spares for them.
        Complete rebuilt RHD steering rack for Light 15 but no pinion shaft extension.
        Several r/h and l/h internal steering rack parts.

        New internal rack sleeve for wide bodied tractions plus a s/h one.
        Boxes of steering rack parts.
        Perfo gearbox casing only.
        2 of R.H.D. bell housings with levers too.
        2 of SCD resleeved gearbox output couplings.
        Box of thrust bearings, D and Perfo.
        Box of gearbox inner parts, bearings and gears, but no CWP,s
        1 front brake drum, good taper and surfaces.
        2 of rear brake drums, (10inch) with bearings.
        R/H and L/H front hubs with bearings and driveshafts.
        Long and short original type driveshafts in good condition.
        Short inner splined driveshafts in good condition.
        D flywheels, pressure plates and thrusts.
        Perfo pressure plate and thrusts
        New chromed square plate behind wooden dash showing gear positions.
        Boxes of AC fuel pumps and new repair parts.
        2 of front brake drum back plate.
        New and s/h hub bearings.

        Several reconditioned 12v Lucas starter motors.
        Dynamos, alternators and parts.
        12 volt solenoids.
        5 of Slough 12v lucas semaphores in good working order.
        New battery isolators.
        Several Lucas voltage control boxes of various types, some new.
        2 of Lucas windtone horns, plus spare top.
        4 of polished and shaped alloy surrounds for french small lights.
        Boxes of starter and dynamo repair parts.

        Lucas 6 inch spotlamps and parts.
        New and s/h Lucas 7 inch headlamp units, mountings and convertor rings
        s/h Lucas torpedo front sidelights and new glasses with chrome outer ring.
        Rechromed Slough Lucas headlamp unit
        Boxes of s/h sidelamps, tail-lamps and indicators.
        Pair of new bolt-on rear reflectors
        Slough 4 and 5 stud junction boxes.
        12 volt solenoids.
        12 volt S.U. petrol pumps.
        2 drawers of boxed ignition points sets, condensers and rotors.
        Boxes of 6v and 12v bulbs of all kinds.
        Boxes of new spark plugs for tractions.
        Slough windscreen wiper motors, mountings, racks, parts wiper arms and blades.
        Boxes of Slough distributors, caps and coils. mostly Slough.use
        Ignition switch, petrol tank sender units and chromed big boot rear illumination cover.

        2 windscreens for Lt 15/Legere, one in alloy surround.
        Various door glasses.
        Rearmost window glasses and a finished/painted Slough surround for it.
        Window winder and door locking assemblies.
        Flat 70mm wide chromed front bumpers, with some rust patches, Ix1460mm,3 x1625mm long.
        Rechromed Slough “pudding bowl” wheel embellishers plus some at same design, good chrome but
        hole at centre for use on French wheels.
        New Square rear number plate holder in primer.
        Various rolls of coloured furflex, “hidem” banding, piping and piping between body and wings.
        Special collection of new Slough chromed exterior and interior door handles, chrome window
        winders and the special spring-loaded escutcheons. Not unavailable elsewhere!
        Boxes of boot lid parts and steering wheel centres.
        Axo short alloy finishers for frond edge of rear wings and also some for rear end of front wings.
        Pair of new tall alloy finishers for front edge of rear wings.
        Various new wing and door mirrors and parts.

        COOLING AND GENERAL. For all models.

        Good radiator, 400mmwide, no leaks and clear core.
        Some perfo and early D water pumps, bases and parts.
        Fan blades.
        Complete oil bath air filter with its hoses.
        2 of Light 15 front grilles undamaged with good chrome.
        New and s/h grille crests
        Pair of rechromed grille chevrons for Big 15.
        R.H.F. torsion bar for Light15/Legere.
        Pair of telescopic shock absorbers – new?
        Heater air tube, intentionally bent.
        2 of front brake back-plates.
        Oil pumps and parts.
        Boxes of front pivot balls, bearings, joints and parts.
        Carburettor linkages and rods, and front cradle parts, nuts, etc.
        Gear change mechanisms, pedal gear, and top wishbones.
        Timing covers and radiator hoses galore.

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