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    Tony Waddams

      Good evening

      I’ve now owned my 1955 Traction 11 BL approximately 1 month and finding a few items needing attention, some more pressing than others.

      The fuel tank initially appeared to be dripping from drain plug but on closer inspection and cleaning I’ve found a number of pin prick holes. I’ve fixed these temporarily, externally using petro-patch but am in the process of ordering a new tank.

      Last weekend went out for drive and speedometer decided ‘rest’ position would be at 100kph. Not sure how to deal with that one, anyone else encountered same?

      same weekend parked up for few minutes and on return no ignition, ah poor connection I’m thinking, wiggle battery terminals and we’re off, briefly. Car stalls so I try battery again, eventually we have ignition and I rush home. Found  battery cable clamp corroded through so hope easy fix.

      in fairness car hadn’t been used much recently so I’m putting these down as mere glitches, grateful for any advice re’ speedo though.

      regards Tony



        Tony …

        Tank – I think it is likely to be weak if not yet porous in more than the one area.  There are proprietary DIY lining/sealing products on the market as well as companies who will do a professional job.  All will require removal of tank so I suggest you get it on the bench and examine it before committing to any expenditure.

        Speedo – have you checked the cable?  The mechanism can require an input to return the needle to zero so, if it fails at speed, the needle can “stick’.  If the two distance counters have also stopped working, I would suspect a broken or disconnected cable.  If the cable is ok, then it probably needs an overhaul.

        Ignition – sounds as if you have it sorted.  However, if problem returns, try a direct wire from battery +ve to the +ve terminal on the coil (assuming car is -ve earth).  This will by-pass the ignition switch and no further problems will indicate a fault in that circuit.  If the fault persists, it suggests a coil/condensor/dizzy problem.  If you do this you will need to disconnect the wire to stop the engine so fit a crocodile clip to the battery end at least … and only connect it when you want to run the engine.

        Bonne chance.


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        Tony Buxton

          Hi Tony W,

          I did a patch-up on the bottom of my 1953 Slough Lt15 fuel tank a couple of years ago which has held well, but it was meant to be temporary. I can’t undo the drain plug because it would rip the base out of the tank and it would be good to have that facility because it must be rusting inside..

          So I have been looking for a right hand drive tank in a casual way thinking one must turn up. But it hasn’t and now I have found a good local craftsman who will make one to pattern (stainless, copper, steel?). I don’t know if your car is French  and if those tanks are available,  but if it helps I’ll post the price when I commission the work.

          I dab my terminals with some copper grease but I expect there are better products more knowledgeable people would advise.

          Hope you enjoy your car through the New Year,

          Tony B

          Tony Waddams

            Hi Tony B

            thank you for your kind response

            it seems our fuel tanks share the same fate, I’m actually hoping to order one next week from the clubs spare department , but thank you for your offer, I hope it works out

            I thought I’d cured start/stop ignition problems but this morning after wrapping myself up for trip to coast car would start. Traced to batter to starter lead so aborted trip temporarily until lead replaced

            looking forward to similar trips though over coming months and glad to see, on TOC website, that other members did mange to get out

            best wishes TonyW

            Tony Buxton

              It’s a pleasure Tony.

              I forgot to say that I looked at various slosh sealants too. Apart from not solving the weak drain bolt surround I didn’t know how they might react to the ever changing modern fuel question. I’m sure the club didn’t have tanks when I asked someone, I’ll check prices.

              Which brings me too ask if you will change your rubber fuel lines if they are old? I’m sure you have had proper advise about your car from knowledgeable users, I only know my own car, but if has been laid up for some time (which sounds possible from the faults you mention) checking other parts might save future annoying failures. Flexi brake pipes degrade inside and lock brakes on, water absorbed by brake fluid rusts cylinders, tyres burst at the bulge where they have been sitting, wiring terminals turn to powder, etc. All good fun on a rainy night.

              My car is positive earth still and has never failed electrically, although I did rewire it about 40 years ago. I will LED it this year as tastefully as possible, although a set of chevrons made with those LED strips on the boot might be safer.

              Happy Tractioning,  Tony B

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