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      My name is David Selfridge I am having problems with sticking front brakes (brake snatch)
      Can anyone give advice I have got some ideas of my own but would like to hear from the people with this problem
      Thanks Davy


        Both sides sticking or only one side? Are your flexible hoses old?


          Just one side drivers side front(r/h/d) hoses have been checked and good.I thought maybe week cylinder defective.




              Hi David,
              did you discover the cause? I had a problem like this a few years ago. The lining on one side had detached in part from the shoe.


                Hi Chris,
                I changed both front wheel cylinders with new and new flexible hoses which seems to have sorted the problem.
                Unfortunately four operations I now do not know which cured. The car has not had much driving since due to winter months
                I will post if further problems. I have been in touch with John Gillard who did quite a lot of work on my car in the past and he informed me this had been a problem before with this car.
                Fingers Crossed
                Thanks for reply much appreciated David


                  Thanks Chris for posting a reply ref/brake snatch
                  I change both front wheel cylinders, both flexible brake hoses and hope that cures thee problem.
                  I spoke to John Gillard regarding this problem as he sold me the car and previously carry out all work on this car.
                  As the car now resides in Northern Ireland it’s very difficult to find the same expertise as you have in GB
                  Will keep you informed in the near future and when the weather here gets more acceptable for motoring
                  David Selfridge

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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