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      I want to hire out the tools held in the Eastern Region. I have spoken briefly to Jasmin and she said I have to pay a deposit to the club. I cannot find anywhere on the club site about how much and who to. Can anyone help please?




          Bid bad having to pay a deposit – thought that was the idea of the club.

          I bought my own anyway as none are available out here, but I do loan then out to people “sans deposit” 😉


            Thanks Dan. Jasmin said about paying deposit to the Treasurer. I will call her and ask if she minds doing it the same way as you do. I can see why a deposit is taken because without it there may be a minority who may not take care of the tools or lose bits. I want to buy my own but at present I want to spend money on the car rather than the tools.


              Each toolkit I think cost around £3,000.


                Yes Den I priced them all up at around that price too. I want to remove steering rack and brake drums to start. I am busy at the moment redoing the interior. I have rust proofed all the interior metal and applied the first etching primer. This will be followed by several other coats of various paints and insulation materials.


                  Just out of interest what is in the toolkit – I have not seen it published anywhere.

                  And yes, I suppose it is better to have the deposit, I have had some of my tools used “cruelly” but I am just soft 🙁


                    Image of Tools here:


                    (although I think more have been added).

                    And here are the instructions that come with the tools….


                    The tool sets should enable the following maintenance to be carried out on a 4-cylinder Traction:

                    Remove and refit a front hub/brake drum.
                    Remove and refit wheel bearings and seals.
                    Remove and refit driveshafts.
                    Fit and centralise brake shoes.
                    Remove and refit upper and lower suspension/steering joints.
                    Disconnect track-rod joints.
                    Remove the steering wheel from its column.
                    Remove waterpump and dynamo pulleys, battery terminals, clutch lever, differential bearings, etc from their shafts.
                    Remove the rear torsion bars from their mountings.




                    Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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