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      Dear all.
      My name is Stef Sep, I am from Holland, and have been living in South Africa for the past 10 years. I have restored a Slough 2cv a couple of years ago, and have now bought a Slough built light15. It is an interesting project where the previous owner passsed away halfway through the project. This means it is a big puzzle and I dont have the complete picture of how it should look like. I hope you guys can assist me by sending pictures and info.

      It is a 1955 light 15 with an 11D engine and the round instruments. it is a 12 volt car with Lucas electrics. I need to rewire but need some information; On the steering column there is a lucas switch arrangements with the horn switch and then 2 other switches. I assume a parklight switch and an on and off switch so that couldnt be lights (that should be a 3 way switch?) Does anyone have an electrical schematic for the 12 volt lucas traction? and perhaps an overview of all the switches lights etc?

      Also I need info and pictures of the interior; Where the interior light comes, how the rooflinging should look like etc. I am lucky that the seats are covered in the original red leather and are in good order.

      Also the routing of the wiring loom; how are the wires guided to front and rear lights etc.

      Any info welcome!



      David Williams


        1951 Light 15 small boot attached is a picture of my indicator switch, if you can wait I will be attempting to re wire next month and I can post if you are interested.

        On mine the dip headlight is switched of when you go to full beam, it took me a while to figure it out.

        There is a basic schematic on the site in the technical library,mine has been heavily modified and rewired in the past is making it more interesting.

        Well I was going to attach but the new site has lost me, I think your switch looks like a chrome cylinder were mine looks like a conventional indicator stalk.

        Will try and figure out this new site when I have more time.



          Thanks, You can send it to ssep@hencon.com

          David Faulkner

            e Mail sent with wiring diagrams which may help.

            Wiring from the front of the car to the rear normally goes along the top of the car under the headlining, down to the rear parcel shelf where there should be a connecting block on the left side of the car just under it to distribute the wires to either side. Well it does on my French car and I don’t see why a Slough car should not be the same unless anyone knows differently?

            Roger Grix

              Hi Stef and welcome,

              Where abouts are you in SA?  I left in 2001 after 23 years bringing my Slough L15 with me (in pieces).  Bought in 1978, restoration began in 2015 and is close to completion.

              Stephen Leroux is president of the SA Citroen club and lives just South of Joeys, and is very knowledgeable and helpful.

              If your car is 1955, it should have the “new” plastic roof lining.  Mine has been relined in fabric as I prefer it. The light should be as shown in the attached photo but, in all probability, you won’t have a lens.  Mine was made from a hand soap dispenser bottle.

              I am interested to know if you have the oil bath air filter.  It was missing from mine but I got one from Stephen Leroux. I am now looking for the connection from filter to carb.

              I will attach a picture of my dashboard as well.  If you need any specific pictures, let me know and I will send them.

              Sorry, I can’t insert the second photo – I don’t know what the problem is.  Let me know what you want to look at and I will email to you.


              Roger_GHeadlining and light


              John Moon

                Hello Stef, I’ve only just seen your questions. A friend who lives nearby is about to rewire his Slough Big 6 as part of a complete restoration. If you ask specific questions about routing etc, I can go round, make notes and takes photos and forward them to you.  There is no trim fitted yet so it should be clear to see and the 6 wiring must be very similar to the Lt 15..  Of course, when doing a rewire, most people add things like an electric cooling fan, more fuses, alternator etc so no 2 cars will be identical, but the basics will be similar.





                  I have just remembered that one of our founder members, Graham Sage (Member no 6), used to be involved in re-wiring tractions on the dim and distant past ..

                  I am not sure if he currently accesses the forum but he is a “public” member so I shall make initial contact and, if it looks like he can help, I shall put him in touch with you.



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