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    Bob Cross


      My 1949 Big Six isn’t behaving itself recently. The exhaust manifold has developed a crack. I’ve repaired(!) it with Gun Gum but I’ve no idea how long this will last. Does anyone have a spare or a spare inlet/exhaust manifold combined?! Please!

      Bob Cross



        I had a similar problem in 2017 and, as you surmise, a repair did not last very long.

        I eventually took the bull by the horns and “invested” in a new part from Franssen.

        See here:  https://www.citroen-traction-avant.com/shop?bez=456.512

        Quality appears to be good and it has performed well now for about 4000 miles.


        Bob Cross

          Hi Bernie,

          Thank you for your response to my posting. This morning I started the car for the first timeIMG_8087, to test the success or otherwise of the Holts Gun Gum repair patch. Though I didn’t get the engine up to working temperature, so far the repair has worked. It basically consists of a tub of really messy paste, a thin sheet steel cover with an attached jubilee clip (you have to trim the steel cover to  size )  I supplied two more jubilee clips. The repair is not a pretty sight and I can’t leave it permanently like this even if it lasts. As time goes on I’ll report back to members oIMG_8099IMG_8094n the performance of the repair.

          I’m still looking for an exhaust manifold either in good condition or capable of welding. I contacted a Specialist Cast Iron Welding Company in Coalville, Leicestershire who claim to be capable of cast iron repair. They will guarantee it. Of course they haven’t seen the manifold but I was impressed. No price was mentioned, again because the haven’t seen it. Maybe in the winter, if the present repair lasts, and I don’t get another one, I will take it off the car for them to see and quote.

          Bernie thank you for bringing Frannsens to my attention as a supplier, I may contact them if I have no luck with the above


          Robert Mitchell-Williams

            Hi Bob,

            How have you been progressing with your repair?

            We have made several of these in the past and have have one avalible if you’re interested?

            Please see the link below for further details:


            If you only want the exit manifold this could be done more cheaply, please drop me a e-mail if you’re interested.




            Big 6 exhaust manifolds from steel castings 005

            Bob Cross

              Hi Robert,

              Thank you for your reply.I have to admit that though the unsightly bodge repair I made with Gun Gum solved the problem it looked such a mess that I couldn’t stand looking at it any longer. I bit the bullet, a new manifold was obtained from Franssen last autumn. It was fitted and everything is now good.       Well, it would be if we were allowed to use our cars at present!




              Mark Robinson

                Hi Bob,

                Ive been told that if you get the manifold  ceramic coated it may help with this cracking issue and also keeps the temperature down in the engine bay.

                mine is also cracked the car is under restoration but will have to bite the bullet soon too.



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