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      Does anyone have pre-fitted, sewn fabric for the seats, door panels and headliner for the 49 BL? I’ve contacted all the usual suspects and can’t find any. Do they ever go back into production or is it all done? Can anyone supply me with some colour photos of a correct 49 interior just so I know what it’s supposed to look like? The car has Pullman seats, which I understand are not correct for a 49 but that’s what I have. Any help is appreciated.


        I have seen the fabrics for sale by the metre but very expensive. Headlining material too and I am sure I saw a pre cut one for sale somewhere. I am getting my headlining made by a local guy along with him redoing my seats.


          I got my headliner from chez Renel. It was something ridiculous like €120 and is perfect quality. There is no way you could have it made for that price.

          Fitting was fun though 😆


            I saw the lining you mention Ian and I was tempted but I am going for a slightly different look to original. Going for leather seats in a dark grey with red piping with dark red carpets with a light grey velour headlining. Will then paint the metal work in light and dark grey as original. Starting to look at a facia for the instrument panel.


              chez Renel? Can you give a little more info, please? to get a headliner made here costs $1,000.00 not including the fabric.


                Details of “Ches Renel” (Claude Renel) can be found in the services Directory

                In Part 1—Traction Avant Specialist Suppliers

                Claude Renel Rn 83, 01440 VIRIAT/Bourg en Bresse, France +33 (0) 474 451 564
                Fax: +33 (0)474 45 31 08 One stop shop for all TA parts


                  Thanks for that, Mick- I wonder if the prices are current? Have to ask them, right? 🙄


                    Theres a place called PAT 2D in the south of France thats supposed to be good

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