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    Roger Grix

      I have just removed the front wings of my L15. There are signs of rusting under the paint on the back ends, so they are off to the body shop.

      I have never really looked at the wing tips before. I knew that they were vulnerable and have tried to keep them clean but did not realise that they are designed to corrode.

      I am sure that many of you are only too well aware of the construction, but I attach a couple of pictures which show that there is, what appears to be, a reinforcing plate, attached to the edges of the wing with a perfect trap for muck between it and the wing.

      It looks to me as though the factory may have had a problem with the wing tips vibrating and cracking on early models so made this poorly designed reinforcement.

      What to do to stop it recurring?

      1 Cut it out – but will the wing tip vibrate and crack?

      2 Cut it out and replace it with a larger gap behind it so that muck can be cleaned out from the gap?

      3 Remove it and replace it with something else?

      4 Cut it out and refit it tight to the wing and seal weld it all round?

      I know that replacement tips are available from the club and elsewhere but am not sure whether they have the same problem or whether they have adopted an alternative reinforcement. I also understand that they are not exactly a good fit and require some work to get them the fit.

      Any advice or comments gratefully received.


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