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      Hi everyone,
      My name is Simon Morgan and have just taken the plunge and bought a traction.
      First saw one in a french film Diva back in the late 1980’s and have wanted one ever since.
      I live near Chester , CH3 9DT, if there are any owners/experts nearby.

      I bought at auction and the defects that need rectifying include new door skins and rotten sills. From first inspection its the straight section under the doors on both sides. I have a very good old school restorer ( mid 80’s going strong) who will do the work. Funnily enough, one of the first cars he restored when he set up his own company was a traction!
      He is prepared to fabricate everything from scratch, but asked if i could source any replacement panels. Any help greatly appreciated.

      1948 Slough built , traction 11 light 15

      Cheers Simon


        Hi Simon

        I’m also a relative ‘newbie’. We have an excellent club spares department (reachable from the TOC home page) but you can also purchase from several continental suppliers. Most of these do supply body panels and sections though they are not particularly cheap (the euro is not helping at all) so it would be up to you to decide whether you would be better off making the parts fron scratch. I have used 3 of these so far and found the quality good and delivery fairly fast (up to a week)




          Hi Simon
          Welcome to the club and to the forum.
          Bryan Pullan is area rep for the Northern Section. Bryan frequents these parts.
          I remember Diva – didn’t end well for one of the Tractions – luckily there was a spare!


            Hi Simon
            Renel are good value for the outer door bottom replacement panels. Franssen seemed best for the other bits. Renel are a little slow but worth waiting for!


              Hi Simon
              Welcome to the club and to the Northern Section.

              We have around twenty five members in the Cheshire/ Lancashire/ Merseyside area and one or two who live in places like Macclesfield or thereabouts, who we share with the Peak Section.
              Because we are spread over a wide geographical area, it is often difficult to get everyone to a regular get together and we tend to meet up at events. We had a stand at the Manchester Classic Car Show last September and hope to repeat the experience in 2017. Locally we usually have regular summer get togethers on the first Sunday of the month at the Corner House near Wrightington, at which we often have members from Lancashire, and Merseyside (we have several members in the Southport area.) and we join together with other car clubs locally for events like Drive It Day.
              There will also be a New Year’s Day event at the Corner House, if you fancy coming along to that, and I will copy you in when I have more details. We usually have a few Tractions there.
              Frank Breen who lives in Irby on the Wirral and Denise Emmet at Sandbach are probably your closest members. I will ask them to make contact. Frank also usually organises a small local show during the summer, and circulates details to the Northern Section members.
              Club Spares have a fairly wide selection of repair panels, including door skins, part cills, etc. If you look on the website under Club Spares and give them a call, they should be able to sort you out with any relevant bits. Franssens and Der Franzose also have good English Language websites and can supply panels. However, beware of shipping costs which tend to be steep, and of course the current poor exchange rate.

              We have a member, George Halsall, who is undertaking a rolling restoration on a barn find 1950 Legere. George lives at Billinge near Orrell, on the Lancs/Merseyside borders and may be able to give you some pointers if you are also doing mechanical work on the car. He has just also scrapped a car and has various trim, mechanical and running gear parts for sale. Again, have a look on the Section News on the website for more details.

              Finally this forum is a pretty good place for advice.

              We also have a set of club tools, for the more specialist jobs like ball joints, etc. although that does not yet show up on the website. I haven’t yet got your email address but John Oates will be able to update me shortly and I will add you onto my emailing list.

              Let me know if I can be of any help.



                Thanks for your replies.
                Next job is to get all the filler and underseal off , and then see how much ‘rot’ there is.
                Beginning to think I will be asking Santa for a considerable order of panels!

                Cheers Simon

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