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      Looking forward to the return of Inspector Maigret ( Mr Bean ) sorting out the murders and crime in his trusty Traction.
      UTV Easter Monday 9. 00 pm on Northern Ireland channels, may be at a different time in England.
      This Show not to be missed.

      Davy Selfridge


        Well I watched it last night and Mr Bean had nothing on Rupert Davies, my wife said it was like ‘watching paint dry’ and fell asleep at one point 🙄

        Star of the programme was definitely the Traction, but set in 1955 would it have had screen washer fitted and a drivers door handle mounted mirror?


          Of course not Dave.

          The programme was absolute rubbish and an insult to Simenon. Another 2 hours I won’t get back.


            So thumbs up then Den 🙂

            A nice film with the Traction as the star is Suite Francaise (all in English) set in France when Germany invaded.


              You can read all about it here:

              I have a copy if anyone is interested, please email me


                I just can’t see Rowan Atkinson in this role. Michael Gambon was the man! I have a friend here who’s manner of speaking and tone of voice is so like Gambon’s it’s uncanny! From Sheffield he is.


                  Born: Michael John Gambon
                  October 19, 1940 in Dublin, Ireland

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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