July /August 2015

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      Firstly, thank yo very much for the kind words with regards my project on this forum. I enjoyed writing it as I went along and logging it along the way also helps me for the future work. “Vinny” will be let off the leash again soon after I have done some more work on him, mainly a new clutch, water pump and oil pump. I have the chance to drive him round the racing circuit at Nogaro in October so I better get on with it….. I will also record the work on here as well 😀

      Secondly, hope my letter didn’t offend too many, it was a direct copy from here on the forum. I stand by it and would love to see the rise in “different” Tractions being formed and help keep the car alive long into he future…. meaning, it needs young’uns to get involved.

      And lastly, really liked the Bailey’s Banter page. This was a great read while I was sitting on top of a mountain in the Alps waiting for cold cyclists to appear. Keep this as a regular feature for sure.



        Thanks Ian. Your kind comments regarding the banter are well received and much appreciated. Please keep the Vinnie saga going, although your progress puts me to shame as you’ve done more in one year than I have in the eighteen I’ve had my car. I was going to reply to your question about sealing up the scuttle vent but thought better of it. But just between us I have found that four strips of insulating tape take about five minutes to apply, do the job quite well and last about six years. Chris

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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