Kevlar Brake Linings

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      It is probably a waste of time posting this since we have now hardly anyone who uses this forum but still.
      I was asked to look into using Kevlar instead of standard linings on the brake shoes. Kevlar offers around 15% better performance over the standard material, this means it may be possible to get better braking without fitting a servo. The downside of this is the fact Kevlar wears much quicker. In my opinion the gain is not worth the hassle of changing lining material more often. If anyone wants a source for the material let me know.


        Hi Bazesex,

        I hope your be glad to hear that are still some people using the forum. I don’t know the why’s, what’s and what have’s but it’s a shame some members are now missing from this forum. Diverse opinions make life interesting, even if you don’t agree with them!

        I was interested in your views are to the linings. Better proformance verses lifespan, that’s one of “those” questions!

        Anyhow, keep posting


          Thanks. It is a shame the best English speaking forum has been destroyed by petty minds. If the brakes were not such a PITA to work on I would go Kevlar I think. Might try them and see what life they have and let everyone know.


            I suppose it depends upon the amount of miles you do compared to how quickly you need to stop,! A real world test would yield a very interesting set of results!


              Hi Bazessex,
              I’d be interested to know how you get on with Kevlar – I suspect it will be a while before you’re in a position to make a lifetime comparison though. I haven’t kept any records but I think my brake shoes have been in place for at least 20,000 kms and probably have had no adjustment for 5,000 kms, and they don’t feel like they need it yet. Maybe someone else has kept better records to act as a reference. I’m not sure how to compare the performance though. I can lock up my brakes if I want to, so braking distance shouldn’t change, only the effort to achieve it, which is quite subjective – my foot gets used to the car after a few miles.


                Does anyone know where to get Kevlar brake lining material? It was mentioned favourably in an episode of Wheeler Dealers where they were upgrading the brakes on a Volvo PV.


                  A quick “classic car Kevlar brake linings” search in Google comes up with a few specialists that use Kevlar… It’s a start…

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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