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    Rod Robbins

      Hi, I have just been given membership as a Christmas Present, very nice too.

      I am an ageing Citroenist who has finally got around to the Light 15. Previous encounters include Visas,Amis Dyane,

      2cv Van and a Bijou,AX, BX, CX, ZX. all now gone! Our 1954 Slough built Light15 came from New Zealand and arrived

      on our doorstep about a month ago. She is mechanically very good, body is “shabby chic”, interior also “shabby chic”.

      I have a million questions I would like to ask, but not all at once, maybe just, what is that maroon color actually called and where can I get some?( as a newbie, I’ll tread softly).

      I am Bristol born and bred, but have now decanted to Normandy,France, with my wife Helen and two Shetland Ponies.

      Very glad to be a member, but this is my first venture into Forums….. I am looking forward to getting “Celeste”

      registered, U.K. ( have NOVA) and blasting around local village seeing what they make of her.




      David Selfridge

        Good Evening Rod

        Welcome to the TOC forum, you will find this forum very helpful and welcoming and a vast range of information available from  eager to help members.

        I am very sorry I can not help with the colour code you require, however I have just completed a restoration on a very rare 1938 Slough Light 12 and recently carried out a light restoration to a 1953 Legere, both Black. Maybe I will be able to help further as you work through your project. If you don’t get your information from this forum I’ll be very surprised.

        You can also ask a question or questions through the TOC Website Technical Helpline or contact by telephone.

        Best of Luck with your Light 15

        Davy Selfridge



          Hi Rod,


          Nothing wrong with shabby chic.

          I don’t know much about colours – my car is several shades of black, probably none of them correct.

          John Pressnell’s book “Citroen Traction Avant” shows a Citroen publicity photo on page 136 of a 1953 Big Fifteen in “metallichrome Regal Red” – which looks maroon. The post-war Slough brochure that Julian Marsh has on the Citroenet.org website lists Mist Green, Regal Red or Metallic Grey as colour options. So I think Regal Red’s the name – as for the actual spec, most paint suppliers can mix to match a sample if you have one they can scan.


          Jim Close

            Hi Rod,

            You may have seen Bob Street’s letter in the last FP noting a 3-day Traction maintenance course that is being run from 5th to 7th April in Switzerland (delivered in English) by Daniel Eberli (eberlid@swissonline.ch and http://www.oldtimer-taxi.ch).  To date I am the only one registered, but sadly it is not worth running the course with only one person.  I am polling around to see if anyone is interested in joining me.  I am about to take ownership of a 1951 15/6 Normale and plan to drive from Ashford to Benken (northern Switzerland) with an overnight stop in Reims or Epernay on the way out, and TBC on the return.  My car will be used on the course, so there will be some 6-cylinder work, and Daniel also has 4-cyinder cars too.  More details from Daniel as noted above or me at jimclose2011@gmail.com.



          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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