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      Anyone going?
      The Panhard guys normally gather between Pease Pottage and Handcross to cheer on the P+L cars.
      Staplefield, a little further south is also a good place to watch – and there’s catering there.

      I know it’s a bit too far sarf for many…



        We have some friends who are entering a Renault, but as you say, its a bit far away for us just to come and spectate.
        If you get any decent photographs though, please post them on here.


          A colleague of mine was co-driving a DeDion – didn’t see him. Something fell off his ignition system in Crawley which delayed him for half an hour. When he described the problem I was reminded of the bit in Genevieve when someone jokes about it needing a new flint. I had to move on before he got to Staplefield.
          It was a lovely sunny morning but really cold – so cold that in fact I took no photos of the old brass cars – one hand in my pocket and the other wrapped round a coffee cup. The good ones were going too fast down the hill for me to get my phone out in time.
          I saw no Tractions and no RWD Citroens. There was a nice Ami there which I didn’t snap – probably will next year.
          I did take a few photos…

          This was the oldest Citroen I saw all day…
          [attachment=0:3o3ekny3]That DSuper again (Small).jpg[/attachment:3o3ekny3]
          Nicely shabby Riley
          [attachment=1:3o3ekny3]Riley (Small).jpg[/attachment:3o3ekny3]
          This Delage used to be a saloon. It belongs to a man called John Dudley who likes a good breakfast.
          [attachment=2:3o3ekny3]John Dudley s Delage DI and breakfast table (Small).jpg[/attachment:3o3ekny3]
          [attachment=3:3o3ekny3]John Dudley s Delage DI (Small).jpg[/attachment:3o3ekny3]
          nice Jag, nice Marcos, nice DSuper
          [attachment=4:3o3ekny3]e type marcos and a nice DSuper (Small).jpg[/attachment:3o3ekny3]
          Nice Chrysler…
          [attachment=5:3o3ekny3]Chrysler rear (Small).jpg[/attachment:3o3ekny3]
          [attachment=6:3o3ekny3]Chrysler (Small).jpg[/attachment:3o3ekny3]
          the nicest thing BMW have ever made (IMHO)…I may be in a minority here.
          [attachment=7:3o3ekny3]BMW Isetta (Small).jpg[/attachment:3o3ekny3]
          it took this guy quite a while to get out of the Marcos…
          [attachment=8:3o3ekny3]Marcos (Small).jpg[/attachment:3o3ekny3]

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