March / April 2018

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      I’m still working though this issue – there’s lots in it.

      • Martin’s second article on the gearbox is a good read – even with the risqué bits removed – and shows possibly the UK’s most hazardous tea-warmer – HSE inspectors look away.
      • We have an article by David Murphy on how to set up the oil pump and there’s a handy listing of all the torque settings for the Light 15.
      • more “what’s in your garage” – aren’t we an electric bunch?

      Plus lots more I’ve not got to yet.

      Well done Bryan and contributors.


      Larry Lewis

        “electric” Don’t you mean eclectic? Cheers! By the way, I hope the “What’s in your garage” feature can continue. I’m not opposed to seeing photos of members Tractions in whatever state that they are in.

        Editor FP

          Well hopefully they will keep coming in. I am also hoping that those members with Traction projects will send us some stuff in too. I already have the beginnings of a project from Australia, so contributors, let’s have more of this sort of thing please.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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