New Hood for the Roadster

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      After lots of badgering to get the roadster in to the trimmers,
      I was able to collect it on Tuesday.
      What a transformation!

      Now fully waterproof and windproof for the next 20 years!

      Thanks to Peter Lenton Trimmers of Cheadle Hulme, Manchester…. They do leather seats also!

      See pictures below:
      [attachment=0:bvoutpdy]2015-08-25 17.21.47.jpg[/attachment:bvoutpdy]
      [attachment=1:bvoutpdy]2015-08-25 17.21.37.jpg[/attachment:bvoutpdy]
      [attachment=2:bvoutpdy]2015-08-25 17.21.28.jpg[/attachment:bvoutpdy]
      [attachment=3:bvoutpdy]2015-08-25 17.21.17.jpg[/attachment:bvoutpdy]
      [attachment=4:bvoutpdy]2015-08-25 17.21.10.jpg[/attachment:bvoutpdy]
      [attachment=5:bvoutpdy]2015-08-25 17.21.04.jpg[/attachment:bvoutpdy]
      [attachment=6:bvoutpdy]2015-08-25 17.20.53.jpg[/attachment:bvoutpdy]
      [attachment=7:bvoutpdy]2015-08-25 17.20.40.jpg[/attachment:bvoutpdy]
      [attachment=8:bvoutpdy]2015-08-25 17.20.30.jpg[/attachment:bvoutpdy]


        Looking good Mick 🙂


          That is very nice indeed.

          Now where are the photos of the fitting process 😀

          Talking of Trimmers….. I watched the Wheeler Dealers recent episode on the Rover P5. They had a complete set of carpets custom made for the vehicle which was a hell of lot more involved than the Traction carpet sets. The whole deal was on £320 for edged, soundproofed backed carpets. So why are all these other carpet sets so expensive?


            Did you notice the year the programme was made Ian, some of those Wheeler Dealers shows are over 10 years old……


              Much prefer the black top! Looks great.
              What colour is the main body…looks similar to Beige Rosé of the 30’s early cars? Beige Rosé seems to be a colour that I cannot find an equivalent modern code.


                @OSL282 wrote:

                Did you notice the year the programme was made Ian, some of those Wheeler Dealers shows are over 10 years old……

                I know every episode off by heart – it was a very recent programme from the new series.

                They may have gotten a good discount from the show but it was still very reasonable – it was a carpet manufacturer so maybe it cannot be purchased by us “normals” directly




                    Unfortunately, no pictures of the work actually being carried out!

                    The original hood had “bleached”in the sun and had lost it’s stiffness and waterproofing.
                    I tried Nikwax but it still leaked.

                    Yes, I’m very impressed with the results….

                    The car will hopefully be on the TOC stand at the Trafford Event City (Manchester, UK) on 19th/20th September 2015.
                    See: which Bryan Pullan (TOC Northern Section Rep) is doing a sterling job of organising.


                      Car looks good, Mick. Any plans to visit Gillard’s between the 2nd and 16th? I’ll be there except for the 5th when I’m going to do the Beaulieu show.


                        Unfortunately not in the Roadster…..

                        Daughter to deliver back to University in October, but that’ll be in the estate car on a Saturday.

                        After 12 months of “resting” I have just secured a 6 month contract in Manchester as a Test Manager for one of the UK Banks.

                        So I’ll be out of “circulation” until next summer I expect….

                        More pictures will follow though…

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