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      Just thought I would introduce myself as a new forum member. My name is Justin and I live on the north coast of Somerset on the edge of Exmoor. I am currently actively looking for “”the right Traction”” to buy to keep my 1944 Willys MB company through the cold months of the winter.

      I would be very grateful for any advice you care to offer and any leads regarding cars for sale would also be gratefully received. I have the cash waiting for the right car but I’m in no mad rush, as I said, I’m looking for the right car.

      Kind regards to one and all.


        Welcome to the Club and the Forum..

        We are here to help.


          Welcome. Can I ask what would be the “right Traction” for you?

          Small bodied to fit in the garage or are you able to accommodate something larger like a Normale or possibly longer?

          You need to start by deciding that 1st, oh and unless you have very deep pockets can we rule out a pre war roadster? 😛

          RHD or LHD, sit in both to see the differences in sitting/driving position, that’s the best advice I ever had from a Traction owner before I went looking seriously.

          Some basic parameters will help narrow the search and before making any decision, make sure you get the car you want thoroughly checked out for any potential repair bills.

          Whilst everyone likes to see a bright and shiny car to spend their money on, we have watched a couple of those getting major surgery here in the North East.

          Don’t be put off by my comments, there are some good examples out there, you just need to be aware.


            Welcome Justin.

            And don’t just limit yourself to England – if you fancy looking over in France, I am always here to help.

            Absolutely hundreds of them on the

            If you don’t mind a LHD.



              Many thanks for your replies and advice,

              I have already” tried for size” the different models. I know that I would like the 11b normale or 11bl legere, preferably a small boot. I found that the pedal box on RHD models was somewhat cramped but it is something I could live with for the right car.

              I know that a familale or comerciale is not for me, they say each to his own, but I find that they just don’t look right to my eye.

              And finally I find myself in accord with a certain Mr Ford, any colour just so long as it’s black.


                @OSL282 wrote:

                Whilst everyone likes to see a bright and shiny car to spend their money on, we have watched a couple of those getting major surgery here in the North East.

                Never mind the North East. There’s one right here in Cambridge getting major surgery. If Mrs A. knew what’s going on, she’d string me up (with justification)!


                  Sentiments echoed in Bedford Norman!!!


                    So Jon – welcome. Did you see (or even buy) this one? viewtopic.php?f=7&t=470 viewtopic.php?f=7&t=470#p3321

                    The auction has ended but did it sell? Assume the £9k price tag is optimistic and negotiable. but the blurb claims it is solid underneath. The door cards could be recovered.

                    Dorchester is not too far from you (in world wide terms) and, assuming it actually has a floor and inner sills it might be exactly what you’re looking for. Or too scruffy.

                    I’m sure someone local(ish) would be happy to take a look at one with you. I’m happy to volunteer, albeit I’d need a bit of notice and a cover story.



                      I bought mine off of e bay. First car I saw and did not inspect it until I went to collect it, having already paid for it. I was very lucky as it is solid and was in pretty good condition until I got my hands on it.


                        @bazessex wrote:

                        until I got my hands on it.

                        I know what that is like 🙂

                        Mine was a piece of crap but I could not complain as my neighbour gave it to me when I pulled it out of his barn (either keep it or take it to the scrapyard he said)

                        €6000 later and I am driving it round like a “rat rod” new car, perfect on the interior and mechanicals, but looks like it still is in that same barn 🙂


                          Just found the perfect little 11BL, literally 4 km from my house.

                          Just been to see it and it is 95% perfect. It is grey but a nice original grey. No rust, perfect running little engine. Perfect interior and a very nice starring wheel.

                          The guy had about 3 calls while I was there – sent through all the details to Justin .

                          €11K – which is not bad at all.


                        Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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