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      Hello my name is bob wall i have owned my slough built tractin for two weeks and cant get it running anyone out there that can tell me what to do next would be a great help.

      the car runs seems fine but 1/4 mile later just stops then after a while will rrun again.
      what i have done so far replaced all ignition parts short of distributor.
      none of which are Chinese parts .as a lucas system i have used except points but were NOS.

      fuel system have replaced pipe from tank to pump and pump to carb.have removed internal tank filter and cleaned

      anyone with any help would be appreciated.

      thanks bob


        Sounds like a dirty tank filter, take out filter again, it more than likely has lifted more dirt from you last cleaned. The filter sits right in the bottom of tank and any dirt still remaining will always block filter.
        If filter is full of dirt check tank, if not some dirt may still remain, a good idea that I discovered is to remove filter from tank emerge in clean petrol and connect an air line where hose fits, and blow through backwards through filter, if petrol stays clean that rules out dirty tank. If filter still showing large amounts of dirt/rust remove bottom bung and flush tank with fuel, you may find you may have to replace tank, John Gillard has secondhand tanks that have been throughly flushed cleaned and reconditioned about £100.00 or brand new about £200.00.
        Try this and post again if you are not successful, fingers crossed for you.


          thanks will have a second look do you have a contact number for john please


            Place a couple of in-line fuel filters in the system, One before the fuel pump and the other before the carb. These will pick up any smaller particles in the system (the cheap plastic ones).
            Check the float in the carb – make sure it is sitting correctly, no holes in it etc.

            If it is not fuel supply related it sounds as if something is breaking down with heat?? Did you change the rotor?


              hi yes rotor arm also replaced


                Hi Bob
                John Gillard is in Old Kent Road, London, mobile number 07763144598.
                Another thing you could try to make sure that you mechanical pump is working properly is extend your flexible hose in the boot and insert into clean petrol can and run car for a short journey, make sure the can is well secured and sealed (we don’t want any mishaps.
                This would let you know if the problem is fuel and at least you know clean fuel is getting to the right places.


                  Another thing to check are the fuel pipes. On tick over there may well be enough fuel to keep the car running but as soon as you increase the revs the carb bowl will start to empty and if air is getting in somewhere then the pump will not be able to keep up. It’s also worth checking the pump if it still has the original diaphragm. As others have said though, it does sound like blocked filters.


                    I once had a problem on a GS that was the inline fuel filter itself decomposing. Little bits of it would float around in the float chamber and get sucked into the jet at some critical fuel flow causing the engine to lose all power – normally at the same point on the M26. With the engine idling on the hard shoulder the bits would float back up again and the engine would then rev quite happily – until it happened again. Took a long time to find the cause.
                    Anyway, Bob, welcome to the TOC, I’m sure you’ll find the problem and fix it and as you can see, you’ll get plenty of advice here. Please let us know your progress.


                      Also suggest checking the fuel filler car. if it is a non venting type then the fuel pump will soon be unable to work with the vacuum in the tank.
                      could try running with no cap fitted to eliminate.


                        Hi Bob
                        Interested to know how you are getting on with your problems.
                        Hope all posts have been of help to you.


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