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      The following have been added to the Technical Library

      – 9CV & 11 CV Notice D’entretien, French, Dec-1935, 30 Pages
      – 5HP Catalogue showing parts and their part numbers, undated, no text, 17 pages
      – 5HP “Notice D’entretien”, French, 1925?, 11 pages
      – B14 “Review Technique”, French, 83 pages

      If you have any similar RWD material that you would like to share, please contact me, I will scan and upload.


        Mick, as a NECPWA Member you could get access to their library of documents, the index is now online

        Just scroll down for Citroen Section


          I”m no longer a member of NECPWA, so can’t access the documents that you are referring to, which are:


            NDS 10 – Citroen 12 and 15hp QCODS C1-200
            – – Timing Chart for Citroen Engines 1931-6 C1-200
            TM 4.10.32 Paris Saloon Advance News C1-201
            TM 4.10.32 An Entirely New Citroen Ten C1-201-2
            TM 5.10.33 New Citroen Features C1-203
            TM 8.5.34 A Car We Could Not Overturn C1-204
            TM 15.5.34 Citroen Big Twelve Saloon De-Luxe C1-205
            ACRT 846 23.3.34 Citroen Ten Saloon de Luxe C1-206
            PM 5/55 Data Sheet 1937-8 FWD Light Fifteen & 15 C1-206A
            PM 9/58 Data Sheet 1935 Citroen 12 C1-206A
            TM 25.9.34 The New Front Drive Citroen C1-206A-7
            AC 1.3.35 More F W D Citroens C1-208
            TMRRT 25.2.36 The F W D Citroen Twelve Saloon C1-209
            ACRT 1113 21.5.37 Citroen Sports Twelve Saloon C1-210
            TM 10.8.37 1938 Cars – The Citroens C1-211-2
            TM 10.8.37 The Citroen Twelve (fwd) Saloon C1-212
            AC 19.8.38 Latest Popular Citroens C1-213
            ACRT 1284 2.6.39 12.8 hp Citroen De-luxe Saloon C1-214
            MTDS 40 8.6.38 Servicing the Citroen 1937-8 C1-215
            PM 12/57 Progressive Maintenance Citroen Light 15 C1-216
            TMRT 7/55 23.3.55 Citroen Six C1-217-8
            TMRT 1/61 4.1.61 The Citroen Bijou C1-219
            AB 1971 – 76 GS C1-210

          Obviously, were we to get copies of these we would full credit NECPWA as being the source and even include a link to them on the Links page….
          Over to you….

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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