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      Admin1 re: your earlier post where you say that this is a Forum for TOC members only does that now mean that non TOC member Forum applicants no longer get a period where they can belong in order to appraise the TOC.


        Admin1 you are not being honest at all. How can a post explaining what is happening and how a member has been treated shabbily be construed as offensive. Other posts have been removed, several of them mine and since I did not remove them it must have been you or your masters. Perhaps you can explain why the club is going to waste money putting the forum out to a private company who will charge for their services when we have perfectly capable people within the club who would do it for free? Is it just to maintain control?
        Perhaps if our President and other members actually used the forum and internet it would make things run smoother. The underselling of the birthday bash a prime example.


          Hi Den, it is John Oates currently doing the admin role (for others I am a long time TOC member and membership secretary). Forgot about the trial period, a period of 1 month I believe, yes it will continue.

          Bazessex – I have been completely honest and to be accused otherwise is offensive. Having only one side of the argument does not make it necessarily fact, some of the remarks made in the topic I deleted were offensive and parts of it were untrue. I restate that I have only deleted that 1 topic and 2 separate posts in other topics one of which was reported by another forum member (with no connection to me or the committee). Topics have been deleted by their originator and that will delete any posts made by you within that post. No other member of the committee has deleted posts or topics. There is no intention of putting the forum out to a charging company, technically the forum is functioning correctly.
          I do not have “masters”!


            Thanks John.

          Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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