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      The project starts, well it did a week ago. She’s not been on the road for 30 year. we are trying our best to get her back on the road for our Ruby wedding anniversary at the end of August. She has had a lot of work carried out but has stood for some time so a compleat run trough checking everything is needed. So far all looks very good other than the drive shafts have been put on the wrong sides. So the suspension has been striped out.
      Ruby has a ID19 engine and 4 speed gearbox, she needs re-wiring and the interior re fitting, so plenty to keep us going 😉

      If there is a interest in the project I will post photos as she develops let me know

      Steve I


        Keep those pictures coming – end of July now so how is it going with the project.



          A quick update
          Front suspension has had to be dismantled. A shame as it had been completely overhauled by a earlier owner. He had made a very good job apart from putting the driveshafts on the wrong sides, left on right. A easy mistake to make,
          Although every thing, bearings, shafts, nuts, grease covers, etc are new, the assembly wasn’t quite right. A word to the wise never think it looks ok, check it’s ok. I’m updating the bottom balljoint adjusters as well.

          The wiring was the same loads of new wires going nowhere and some wires that thick you could tether a elephant with it. So I have decided to remove it all and start again.
          Upgrading and fitting all new wiring, 8 way fuse box, H4 headlights with side lights in the headlight along with relays. 5″ driving lights. The original side lights will become the indicators by fitting yellow lamps.

          New door lock key barrel fitted, that was a experience, a brilliant bit of design though.

          Although the fuel system was new I have had to replace the plastic bradded hose, although it was new and never carred petrol, as it would not cope with unleaded petrol. How times change.

          At this point I should explain that I do have a lot of experience in the motor trade as I did a apprenticeship as a mechanic back in the days when we were “motor engineers “. At one time ran my own garage.

          I will upload photos as soon as I can. The iPad won’t resize them and the files are too large to be posted.

          Alls on track for the deadline of 22 August. Our Ruby won’t be painted or finished but will be safe and legal.

          As they say in the moves “To be continued”


            I found. App to resize the photos so hear go’s


              And there’s more


                Although not Our Ruby, This is Betty my last project. She was a compleat mess of a death trap when I brought her. We called her Betty because she was so we got her. She had a total re-design and compleat rebuild. The only things that are left original are the chassis rails and some of the rear body tube.
                She is so reminiscent of the avant, front wheel drive, torsion bar suspension, gearbox at the front. She on Renault 4 consonants a total one off not a kit car. I hope no one minds me posting this I thought it may be of intrest?

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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