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    Mark Robinson

      I need change the two outer driveshaft universal joints the ones withe the hole in them and I’ve been told they are a so and so to do,

      has anyone done this and can give me some advice help?



      Peter Fereday

        Hi Mark

        I think you will struggle to do this although I believe it is possible. Andy Burnett can advise – his contact details are in the North Scotland section in FP –  I’m sure he told me he had done it. Ultimately, however, I think you would be better off, certainly in terms of ease of doing it if not financially, replacing the outer drive shafts complete as I have recently done. You will then also have the choice of using good second hand double U/J types or new CV shafts.



        Mark Robinson

          Hi Peter,

          thanks for your reply, looks like I’m in luck the Classic Citroen car club in Australia has a set of special tools to do the job and the custodian also has done the job unfortunately he is in Brisbane I’m in Melbourne 900 miles away so they are going to get mailed down, another member is needing to do the same job we will do it together with instructions over the phone. I will try and get photos of the process.

          The reason in want to stick with the original is that I have new Bibax and universal joints.

          cheers Mark

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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