Petition to induct André Citroën into the Panthéon, Paris

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      Petition to induct André Citroën into the Panthéon, Paris

      An initiative has been launched to induct André Citroën into the halls of the Panthéon in Paris.
      The Panthéon, a stunning architectural masterpiece in the heart of Paris, is a symbol of French
      national identity and a shrine to those who have left an indelible mark on France and the world.
      Within its hallowed walls rest luminaries such as Voltaire, Victor Hugo, and Marie Curie, individuals whose contributions have greatly enriched the perception of France on the global stage.

      André Citroën embodied innovation, entrepreneurship, and an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of what was possible. He revolutionized the automotive industry with ground-breaking inventions and designs and his pioneering work on mass production techniques laid the foundation for modern automobile manufacturing in Europe. He was also a marketing genius. Theiconic double chevron logo and the clever use of the Eiffel Tower in advertising were strokes of branding brilliance that set new standards and165.000 branded road signs helped everybody find their destinations.

      Citroën’s commitment to the well-being of his employees went beyond traditional business practices with innovative employee welfare programs, including healthcare facilities and social clubs. This approach not only improved the quality of life for his workforce but also set an example for corporate social responsibility that resonates to this day. He envisioned a future where technological advancements would contribute to the betterment of human lives, an outlook that transcended the confines of his industry.

      By establishing one of the largest automobile manufacturing plants in Europe, France’s position in
      the global industrial landscape was solidified. The Citroën brand became synonymous with French
      innovation and craftsmanship, contributing to the nation’s reputation as a hub of industrial

      To inter André Citroën in the Pantheon would be recognition of his profound impact on French
      industry, culture, and the global community. This effort is led by André Citroën’s grandson, Henri-
      Jacques Citroën. The suggestion has been formally submitted in writing to the President of the
      French Republic, Mr. Emmanuel Macron, by a support committee of 63 personalities from various
      occupations and backgrounds.

      Individuals from around the world are invited to support the petition.

      To show your support and sign the petition, visit:

      Thank you.

      Bernie Shaw, on behalf of Amicale Citroën International.

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