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      Good evening all,

      I’m having differculties with my solex 32 carb.It is an orginal not a copy, and I think it has become, like many of us, a little tried and emotional,
      Whilst I know the theory of the basic operation of a carb my apprenticeship in the black arts of testing, repairing and setting up the magical device amounts to less than a hill of beans!

      Does anyone know of anybody who can undertake the care and restoration of these little Jems of France engineering. ❓


        Hi Justin
        I see Minehead as your lovely location. Not sure if you’re aware, but Mark Harding (no contact details I’m afraid) is around the corner from you and specialises in all things TA. If you can find his number I’m sure he’d be of help.


          Carburettor Exchange will probably overhaul your carb for you.
          They are in Leighton Buzzard, but operate a postal service.


            Hi Justin,

            Mark Harding’s details:
            just across Exmoor…
            Before embarking on the journey, a couple of things you might do, which are also listed in other posts recently, if you are minded to poke around and have fiddle

            – check for air leaks in the fuel line and around the carb gaskets.
            – check for fuel line blockages
            – have a look inside the float chamber – is the float sticking / sinking – is there any solid stuff floating / sinking in the float chamber that needs wiping out?
            – is the little tube that drains the inlet manifold clear but not loose?


          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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