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      Evening everyone,

      I know being based down here in Somerset you can be along way from the centre of things but there must be a few of us around here, I know I meet some of you last year at the meal. Since then, nothing, no news, I see that the position in the South West is vacant, what’s happen to the tools ? Does anyone know what’s happening! 😥 o

      If anyone in the South West would like to contact me please reply or PM me, it would be good to hear from anyone down this neck of the woods.

      Kind regards Justin aka Leclerc.


        Hi Justin,

        I don’t know if you received any PMs to your request yet.

        The position of Area Co-ordinator for the South West is held by Howard Spiers ( ).

        The position that has recently been listed as vacant is for the West of England and I’m happy to report that Terence McAuley has accepted the position (again). I can’t answer the question about the tools that the West of England area holds, but I’m sure that Terence will be able to ( ). I don’t believe that the South-West holds tools – not according to F-P anyway.



          Hi Chris,

          Many thanks for you reply, very much appreciated. As I am unsure as to which area covers me I thought I message both, just to see.
          I was invited to the West of England dinner earlier this year during which I meet some great people but since then nothing. I tried to make contact with Den couple of times since then but to no success.

          So fingers crossed.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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