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      Hi All

      [attachment=0:2ztmxhqy]Steering Rack.jpg[/attachment:2ztmxhqy]

      There is lot of movement on the ball joints on the steering rack and when I used to jack the car wheels of the floor I could not move the steering wheel as the inner rod ends where touching.
      Is this normal ?



        I would say that is not right. I am a newbie to Tractions but that does not happen on our car.


          It is quite easy to adjust them – might be worth a small strip down.


            O Well it is know in bits, sorry not many pictures grease every where.
            The locking washer on the end was locked against nothing, undid the end cap with my fingers!
            The manual shows pin 602055 with a separate nut, mine was solid and just fell out?
            The rack shows wear, does this warrant a new one ?
            I am sure there will be more tomorrow, thanks to Den Hewitt for the warning.
            Yes it was very sharp.



              O well its totally stripped know.

              Some where in the past someone has been a bit clumsy, don’t think its terminal will see if i can source Cover Plate pt# 601879 hopefully that will improve things.

              Only thing I can think of is when jacking the car it being the smaller Light 15/11BL the rod ends do touch, would be nice if someone could confirm this is correct or not.



                E mailed CAS,reply came through today;

                “I had discussed with my mechanic but what you see on the second Photo is normal, this is no need to change.

                But when you jacked the car it must be possible to turn the wheels.”

                Will see what happens when I put it back together.


              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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