Sun visors for a 49 BL?

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      Does anyone have them? I’d appreciate any help!


        my 1949 11BL has one on the drivers side.
        There never has been one mounted on the passenger side, no sign of any fittings.

        The visor has a metal frame and a piece of thin gray fiberboard in it, 2 mm thick.

        Don’t have a photograph I’m afraid, but could get one if you want to see it.


          Mick that would be good, might be able to fake one if I knew what it looked like.


            Here is an example Larry, Der Franzose sell them for 106 euro, image is for a post 52 car but gives an idea what your looking out for, though I’m not sure what a pre 52 one looks like. Hopefully someone will post an image soon.




                There’s an auto jumble coming up here in December, might be able to find something I could use. thanks for the picture, Den.




                    The difference between the earlier and later sun visor is that the earlier model has two fitting points and only works in “one direction” – Up, Down or any position in between, but always parallel to the windscreen.

                    The later version has a single fitting point which permits the visor to be moved to the left of right to block sunlight entering via the door window permitting movement from 0 Degrees to 90 degrees to the windscreen.

                    Look very closely at Den’s photo and you will see the second fitting point to the left of the windscreen wiper motor.

                    I think there were some 3rd party accessory sun visors that were available which were in dark green or blue perspex


                      My 54 11B has blue perspex visors as that was all that Depanoto had in the 1980s. I didn’t buy them but had them made for a lot less money and I had no clue what an original one was supposed to look like.

                    Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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