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      Martin I would be happy to help but with the reception I have had so far cannot see my attending go down too well. I have sourced parts that are a 10th of the prices charged by all suppliers including the club but since the forum is now so rarely visited what is the point of putting these up? Yes people are volunteers and stupidly I thought they were doing their duties for the benefit of all members not the little group they have known for years. FP in the last issue was to be honest a mess. Pages taken up by using fonts that the RNIB would be proud of and spacing worthy of a book draft. Content was also very boring. Still it has to be kept going because those in the little club do not want to use new technology.


        Hi “Bazessex” – Editor FP here. I just came across this thread as I’m putting FP together this weekend and something I’d been sent by a member led me onto the Forum and, perhaps in an effort to give my brain a rest, I’ve just been going through some of the latest posts, rather than getting on with what I should be doing.

        It’s good and healthy, IMHO, that these sort of discussions go on – on the Forum or in the pages of FP. As it happens, I’ve answered your question about font size in my Editor’s Epistle in the next edition of FP. I won’t give all the detail away, but I will say that I’ve put out a plea for more short (2-4 pages of A4) articles, so that we have enough material to fill the magazine. I know you have a lot to say about technical matters, so please feel free to write in with a few pieces so everyone can share your thoughts.

        One problem I find with this Forum (and Admin1 or someone else might be able to answer the question) is that I never get anything through from the Forum telling me who’s been writing what. I don’t know why, but the TA Yahoo Forum seems to send me regular and frequent updates, every time people post questions and answers. So, unless I think to go onto the TOC Forum for a look round, I’ve no idea what’s going on and, in this case, didn’t know that you’d written in with a criticism of the layout of the previous FP.

        As to these pseudonyms, I might say that I don’t know who you are, either. Personally, I’d rather we all just went on with our real names. But that’s just me.

        On the bigger question of people ‘running the club’, the problem seems to me to be that taking on a job as Pres or Chair, or even just joining the Committee, means giving up a large part of your life for a set period (unless you’re the Editor, in which case it seems to be for life :)) So, the reality is that no one wants to do it unless they are really passionate about keeping the club going. And then, to boot, you get stick for taking various decisions. So, as MDL said, if you think things should be run differently then perhaps the best thing is to put yourself forward to join the Committee. I agree with you that you may find that you are in a minority of one, but at least you’ve had a go at putting forward ideas for how things should change.

        Another ‘problem’ that I suspect we share with many clubs (cars or anything else) is that only a few members take an interest in the Forum. I’ve been looking through recent posts over the last half hour and it’s pretty much all the same people. When you think we have about 650 members, you could be forgiven for thinking that hardly anyone bothers to make a post or respond to comments and questions. What do you do about that? One idea I have is that ‘someone’ should take responsibility for giving a potted version of recent topics on the Forum in each issue of FP. Perhaps that would sharpen members’ appetites to go onto the Forum and read more? Whatever the case, it would need someone to take on responsibility for doing it and then you’re back to square one with everyone saying they’re too busy.

        Sorry I haven’t put the world to rights here, but thanks for letting me know your thoughts about the font issue.


          Hi all

          As a total newbie – this is actually my first visit to the forum – I have to admit to being a little taken aback by all this!

          As far as forums go, if you want to see how a really good forum functions I can only suggest you have a look at this one

          Discussion covers everything – you will notice that there are even sections for remembering members who have passed on and ‘jokes’.

          I apologise if I’m ‘interfering’but I can see that there is a lot of resentment about how the forum is policed. I do not knw any of the personalities involved but surely the future of The CLUB is paramount. In my experience, providing there are no personal slanging matches, or pesistent use of bad language then virtually anything goes. The moderators are there to police such things and perhaps give a guiding hand if they think a thread is heading for trouble or way off course.

          But then I am only a very new member – and I’m old!!


            I agree – the Scimitar web site forum looks like a good model. Thanks for pointing it out.
            I lost an hour or so wandering around in it looking for any sign of my old SE5 and trying to decide I would like another one.


              That is a good website, but look at this one, Lincolns are my other love, I do have a life outside of Tractions! The thing about it is that it is not affiliated with any club.

              By the way, there’s an Israeli-made Scimitar (at least that’s what I think it is) near Toronto, one of four imported to this country. Fibreglass, and it’s called a Sabra. Ugly as hell but in nice condition. I can follow up on it if anyone is interested.


                The Sabra was a collaboration between Reliant and an Israeli company called Autocars.
                It was powered by a Ford Consul engine, the first 100 were made by Reliant and thereafter they shipped out kits to Autocars who made them in Israel.
                Probably quite a rare car, I would think.

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