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      You might like to have a look at Martin De Little’s collection of TOC Photo’s.

      If you have any photo’s that you would like to add to these, please contact Martin via:



        How about Martin joining the Forum and posting them up.

        I am on a recruitment campaign for the Forum 😀 😀



          I am there…. If you search for “RWD the early days you find my first effort on the subject of RWD Citroens to be posted on this forum.




            Hello all,

            I have amassed a load of photos and info on and about Citroens.

            To whet your appetite we have Videos and Slide shows various here:

            Some pleasing images of “Ladies and Citroens” :

            There is quite a lot of stuff on the Rear Wheel Drive Citroens :

            All of the above and much much more can be found here:




              Martin 2 of those links above get a 404 error.


                Martin, I have downloaded to my pc one of the Guernsey files but cannot open it. Which software do I need to use?




                  Martin, may I have a reply to my post please.

                  I wish to download some photo’s (not just Guernsey) to my laptop but doing it from Dropbox is a slow and laborious process but if that’s the way then so be it. However as I expect you know the free version of Dropbox only allows 1GB of storage space. However you are the TOC’s official photographer but by uploading all of your photo’s to Dropbox you are either limiting the number of photo’s a TOC member can store or forcing them to pay either £96 or £133 per year for the privilege. To me this seems totally wrong and that all photographs should be uploaded to the TOC website server and be freely available to TOC members.


                    I much appreciate that you wish to download some photographs from Dropbox . As you are finding the download issue a problem, please email me your home address, advise me which photos you are after and I shall send you a DVD of them.

                    For the record…,
                    I am not the TOC official photographer, there is no such post . I take photographs of club events for the simple pleasure of taking them. Anyone and everyone is free to take photographs of club events.

                    I pay for Dropbox. I alone pay £96 per annum for the use of Dropbox; principally so that I am able to easily distribute pictures of our family to the family (there are an awful lot of them).

                    You will appreciate therefore that the TOC has nothing to do with my Dropbox account or what is/is not on it..

                    I would observe that my many family members do not have Dropbox accounts but they all seem able to happily down load their pictures to the “Download” section on their Mac or a PC – including I might add the several grand children…. .

                    Efforts to get photographs of club events onto the website over the years have repeatedly failed . I am hoping that we shall soon be able to change that situation.

                    All the photographs that I take and place on Dropbox are in the format *.jpg. To download a photo of your choice you click on the 3x small circles within a small box top right of the screen, the picture
                    is then downloaded directly to your “Download File” be it on a Mac or a PC. For viewing use the default viewer on your computer e.g. Photos, Preview or Finder on a Mac. On a PC try: Photo gallery, Photo viewer, Media Center etc.

                    I note your comment re the 404 error, well things change and the slightest change to a dropbox title flags up the 404 error. Herewith a link to my photos and other bits and pieces on Tractions and RWD Citroens….




                      Thanks Martin,

                      I shall have to investigate why I cannot download to my Toshiba laptop.



                        I can confirm I can download from Martin’s dropbox. Maybe you have a firewall setting getting in the way?

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