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      Restoration of my 1955 COMMERCIALE proceeds slowly, even had the engine running briefly . As expected I am having a problem releasing my right side rear brake drum for cylinder restoration. The other side was ok but even the wheel will not turn on the offending side. I cannot budge the adjusters even after wd 40 and the handbrake appears to be off but may not be. Havnt used heat yet but I wondered if a suitable drum puller would help. There are several universal pullers on the market. Has anyone gone down this road and if so what puller did they use Any other suggestion would also be appreciated.


        Sounds like the liners have become stuck to the drum. I have had this problem when I leave my car for a long period with the hand brake on. I usually have to pull the drum off and put it back on again. The hand brake may look released but the liners are still stuck. Sometimes gentle rolling back and forth releases it but usually means the drum has to come off and cleaned up! I now leave the hand brake released.
        Wasn’t I supposed to come and see the car? (Monmouth??)
        Work gets in the way of everything. I have a drum puller but am out of the UK for the next two weeks…

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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