Wanted RHD with Metal dash (Australian Market 11BN) Located in UK or Europe

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    Yves Leather


      WANTED RHD with Metal Dash (Australian Market 11BN) in the UK or Europe

      I’m being very specific regarding the TA, I’d be interested in buying. I’m located in Cumbria, England. I recently saw one near Brighton not too long ago, and I’d have to say I prefer it over the Slough Built interior. I understand it is a bit of an oddity.

      I have also looked at finding the metal dash and fitting it to a Slough Built as a replica. However I not overly comfortable with this Idea. Thus I would like to find an intact example.

      Also –

      In the First Issue of Floating Power, there is an advert for a *’Speed’ Bootlid conversion* does anyone have one of these for sale?


      Many thanks



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        Like you, I have a preference for the French trim but what you are looking for is very much of a rarity.  I know of very few – in fact, it’s probably as rare as a left hand drive Slough Light or Big 15.

        In your shoes, I would consider buying a French lhd model in the interim because I honestly believe you will not find your exact car for quite some time.

        Nevertheless, I wish you good luck and hope you prove me wrong quickly.

        Meanwhile, accessories like the Speed boot lid do occasionally ally appear on French I ternet sales sites such as Le Bon Coin and Les Anciennes.

        Bon courage


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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