Author requests info on Slough (and Belgian and Dutch) built cars.

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      We received this email from Ubaldo Nifosi:

      in 2015 I wrote and published in Italy a book on the history of the Traction Avant (Citroen Traction Avant 7-11-15 history and evolution from 1934 to 1957) and  for iconography part, I had a great collaboration from Italian and French PSA group that they put in their photographic history archive.
      Today I am writing a new book devoted exclusively to the production of the Traction Avant in Belgium (Forest), U.K. (Slough), Netherlands, and other European countries.
      So if possible I would like to know who to address my request to have photographs related to models Citroen Traction Avant at the time products in your country.
      Thank you for your attention and look forward to your feedback on this.
      Kind Regards
      Ubaldo Nifosi – Bologna-Italy”

      So – if you have photos of original cars – or have an original car that you would like to appear in Ubaldo’s book, please contact him directly.

      Ubaldo can be contacted at



      Roger Grix

        Hi Chris,

        Just to let you know, I contacted Ubaldo and sent him a lot of pictures of my car (newly completed) as well as some info on Slough production.

        Maybe I will appear in print one day.



          Thanks Roger,

          I look forward to saying we knew you before you were famous. (Apologies if you are already famous).



            FYI, Ubaldo’s book is now published… thanks to all who help him.

            Ubaldos book


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