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      At the recent 90th Anniversary meeting near Clermont-Ferrand I met a very nice couple who were singing the praises of enhancing the engine cooling by placing a split tennis ball on the rear of the engine bay (exhaust side), and leaving the rear bonnet lock undone.

      If so, would I be best to put the ball where I have the circle on the photo, with the slit going over the rib marked with the arrow?

      Many thanks!


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        By placing it as you suggest, there will be less chance of it vibrating loose and falling out.

        Others trap a ball more to the rear of the bonnet, around the position of the handle.


        Courtesy of Phil Allison, on the 6 I have removable spacers that screw onto a stud replacing one of the two screws fixigs for the bonnet catch.






          Many thanks, Bernie!

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