Has anyone applied for a French certificate?

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      I am not 100% sure if I even need to do this, but has anyone completed the FFVE application form in order to drive their Traction in Paris?


      My French isn’t brilliant, but I could probably muddle through and apply via the online form – but don’t want to if I don’t need to…

      TIA, Julian


        Julian – sorry no experience myself but it would probably benefit a number of members if we can get the information posted.

        However, I don’t believe the link you include above is relevant – it reads to me as if it if for the owner of a French registered vehicle to apply for a CIC (Certificat d’Immatriculation de Collection) which replaces the French “Historic Vehicle Log-Book” (Carte Grise de Collection).

        Meanwhile I have found what I believe is the correct information – see below.  The most interesting thing is the last paragraph but two which effectively says as long as a vehicle has recognised historic status in the UK it needs no additional documentation.  There is an international helpline number so I would expect them to be able to process an enquiry in English – but probably not at lunch-time! – please let us know how you get on

        B……… see below ……..

        The following info is related to those which arrive by vehicle to Paris.

        As you might know, also Paris like many other cities in France has introduced an environmental protection concept. This includes the purchase of a badge / certificate granting access to the inner city. Attention – almost all vehicles are affected.

        The official information website: https://www.certificat-air.gouv.fr/en/

        The official brochure / flyer: https://www.certificat-air.gouv.fr/docs/QA-critair_flyerEN.pdf

        Do you need a badge / certificate for your specific car? Find out here: https://www.certificat-air.gouv.fr/en/simulation

        On the same website, a number of questions are answered – check out the “FAQ” section.

        The affected zone (ZCR) – see street map:


        For those arriving by historic vehicle: as long as your national registration corresponds to the same principles like the French “Carte Grise Collection” (e.g. historic number plates etc.) you do not need to have a certificate.

        Historic vehicles (e.g. Citroën DS) with an standard everyday registration plate must apply though!

        An international hotline is available at +33.800.97.00.33 and you can also ask individual questions at the service desk.


        David Faulkner

          For the ‘Crit Air’ certificate if your car is pre 31/12/1996 then your car does not qualify anyway.

          I have one for my 2008 Diesel C6 (level 3)  and my new Petrol Mitsubishi (level 1) Having been to France in both, I have yet to see a restricted zone (but only hit the ‘Périphérique’, not central Paris though I read somewhere that Classic Cars are allowed into the centre on a Sunday without restriction?

          But as it’s France, you may want to seek detailed qualification as Bernie says.

          Crit Air List


            Thanks both; I have tried calling +33.800.97.00.33 from both my mobile and via Skype, but can’t connect. Where did you find that number published?



              Julian – I have just successfully dialled the number from a landline (substituting “00” for the “+”).  I got immediately through to a message asking me to choose a language to continue – you need to press “2” for English.  I stopped at that point.

              Therefore suggest you try from a landline.



                I have just spoken to them on that number; sadly (for me) the lady did not speak any English at all, but whilst I initially thought she said that as long as the V5 said “Historic Vehicle” then all would be OK, but then I _think_ she said that I needed to contact the Mairie de Paris. She did not have the contact details. If this really is so, then this would make it necessary to get individual permission from ALL towns that put a ban in place. Nightmare.

                https://www.paris.fr/stoppollution#le-plan-qualite-de-l-air-les-interdictions-de-circuler-les-derogations_15 is possibly the place to look, but even after running that page through Google Translate I still can’t find the answer.

                I am slightly surprised that the AA or some other umbrella organisation hasn’t put a FAQ on the www; but at the risk of not being at all helpful I will park this issue now, as I am rapidly getting out of my depth language-wise, and have no immediate plans to take my Traction to Paris anyway.


                  I came across this RAC page today, and have just applied for a sticker for my daily driver. Cost €4.21 inclusive of postage to the UK.


                  Unfortunately it looks like bad news for Traction Avant owners though; I was unable to complete all of the boxes in the form, so from this link anyway it doesn’t look like a TA can obtain a sticker.

                  David Faulkner

                    Only cars Post 1999 with a ‘Euro 1 <6’ engine rating can get a Crit Aire certificate. The site is available in English (as well as other languages) which explains which cars qualify https://www.certificat-air.gouv.fr/en/ in the FAQ section.

                    If you want to drive your Traction in Paris I believe you can do so, but only on a Sunday. However don’t take this as gospel…..


                      The RAC web page says:

                      “Paris is operating a permanent scheme that applies to every weekday (not during the night or at weekends).” and “The RAC understands that around 1 in 10 French vehicles are too old to get a sticker – with certain older models not even assigned a category. These cars are not permitted to drive in Paris between 8am and 8pm, Monday to Friday.”



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