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    Richard Moore

      Just thought I would drop in and say hello. I have recently moved back to the UK (for a while) after a long sojourn in California.  We will be retiring to France sometime in the next year but hope to attend some meetings where I can meet TA owners to improve my knowledge of the marque and living with a TA.

      I’ve wanted to to own a TA since the 90s but somehow got diverted into classic Porsche ownership until I moved to the US. As an older and perhaps wiser person I want to return to my original classic car infatuation. I attach a couple of photos of  a Traction/Citroen meeting at what I think was the old Design Centre building in London in the 90s

      I expect I will buy in France/EU when we get there but would like to do my research first here while I can.  I did attend the Classic Car show at Olympia on Friday but this rather felt like a Concours D’Elegance style meeting. Very unimpressed truth to be told. I prefer the type of classic car show where you get someone persuading you that the Morris Marina is an undiscovered classic. Not the car for me but I love the enthusiasm.

      Which shows are the TOC planning on attending ? I’m going to the Classics and Restoration show in March and the biggie in November.

      IMG0007001     1992 - Traction Show row 2IMG0008001

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        Hello to you, and welcome back to the centre of the Universe.

        The TOC had hoped to attend the March Restoration show with a demonstration of engine and gearbox installation but, unfortunately, we were unable to secure a stand.

        However, perhaps you might consider joining the Barnstaple-based Annual Rally in June?   We have been discussing the event today so I know there are definitely still rooms available at the hotel.  Full details in FP if you think that a possibility.

        No car necessary – Not currently owning a car is irrelevant, I shall definitely have empty seats in my car and, doubtless, you will be offered the opportunity to ride with other members to get a wider (less biased?) experience.

        There will also be a strong TOC presence at the British Motor Show in August where we shall again combine with the Citroën Car Club and 2CVGB.  As you may have seen in a recent FP, the Citroën presence at the 2022 show was named best Club display  https://thebritishmotorshow.live/

        Of course we shall also be at the NEC Classic Car Show in November.  It is still early days for that but I anticipate we usually show about five vehicles and there will always be members on hand to answer questions.

        I look forward to meeting you, possibly at one of the above or elsewhere.


        Richard Moore

          Thank you Bernie – I’ll be back in the US in June for a wedding (probably not a white TA as wedding car) but will make the British Motor Show in August so hopefully will be able to meet up then and introduce myself. I’ll certainly be at the November show. That one used to be one of my favourites.

          I should also check out the local regional meetings as well.



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