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      Just picked up the latest edition of FP (thanks Bob, well edited as usual).

      The ‘President’s Ponderings’ was an interesting read. I quote: “And then there is the “Traction Moaners” group on the Forum…..If any of the above leads anybody to think they might detect a note of frustration tinged with despondency, they could be right” the next para goes on to suggest a change of President if anybody feels strongly about that which is said in the previous para.

      “Traction Moaners” group? This forum is outstanding! A great read, full of projects and advice. I can’t name all the wonderful scribes, but a sincere thanks to you all. Talk about brick walls Mr President. When I hit one, I simply turn to this excellent forum and either find the answer, or ask the question and along comes the solution.

      Perhaps he was referring to the disappointment surrounding the completely oversubscribed Annual Rally? Sure, to outsiders like myself, I do find it odd to read about an annual rally where members (and non members) will find themselves turned away should they turn up with their beautiful Tractions, unless they’ve managed to get their booking in before the event was sold out. Does that make me a member of the “Traction Moaners” group? I hope not.

      That said, I’m mindful that this organisation is run by volunteers. Those individuals that give up their free time and expertise for nothing. Thank you to them.


        You should post the above via e mail to the chairman. The Annual Rally and ‘Day Visitors’ has been addressed in May June FP as I posted on Saturday in the ‘moaners’ thread ๐Ÿ˜›


          oStill waiting for my copy, but will have a good read thru….. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ˜ˆ


            As I said previously I was told the forum is not meant for this. My point is had I just complained via FP the event would have been and gone by the time any decision had been made. I was disappointed with the comments in FP and assumed I was one of the moaners club. I cannot understand why anyone would take it personally and bring the argument of the club being run by volunteers. Looking through old FP issues the same faces at all the events and names at the meetings had me thinking the club suffers from members not wanting to get involved but with the responses I have had to this issue of the birthday bash and other experiences makes me wonder if people are put off because they feel like they are unwelcome.


              Well – that is it

              It is very apt that the renewal notice for club membership was in the same envelope as FP.

              I went straight to Mr Presidents bit and yes, I am very pissed off.

              In fact, he is a bloody dinosaur…. there I have said it….

              “Nothing to make the AGM more appealing”, how about pages of discussion on this Forum as a start.

              My god, I am not young but come on, the world has moved on a little in the past 2 decades and although FP is a great magazine a dn nice to have it cannot be used as a discussion platform and hence the need for a Forum.

              I now have to ponder whether I bother renewing my membership…..

              Now Mr Editor – print that or I can in fact write something a little more eloquent once I have calmed down a bit. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ ๐Ÿ‘ฟ ๐Ÿ‘ฟ


                I am with you all the way Ian. To be honest the only reason I may renew is because of your great write up on your restoration. I am not a happy bunny either as it seems the focus is on those unhappy with a situation that should never have happened. The thrown together Sunday event is it seems a sop to those who have asked why the event on Saturday is sold out. There is no mention of any linking up with the rest of the rally and the sour grapes about informing the police made me laugh, I take they have asked for permission from the Police as the Kent area along with Essex has a court injunction for vehicle meets.


                  @tripyrenees wrote:

                  I now have to ponder whether I bother renewing my membership…..

                  Having just flown back from Boston and been awake all night, I’m probably not best placed to write this.
                  Ian, please keep your membership going. If you don’t, I’ll have a whip round to keep it going, as they’ll log you off the forum and delete your valuable posts! The same goes for you Baz and all the other wonderful contributors…..


                    Post deleted of someone who leaves the club, is this the case Dave (OSL 282)?


                      They shouldn’t be deleted – but if they are, I will transfer everything over to a private blog first, as it is my only record of the work done too.

                      I don’t want to leave the club but I thought that message from the leader was just so rude and patronising. I just wish I was living in England so I could take more involvement and try and move the organisation into the 20th century…. and then up to date.

                      And we only become moaners if there is no discussion – so if the committee refuse to take part on the CLUB’s official forum then there will never be a discussion.

                      I will pick up the magazine later to read on, after I pick it up out of the fireplace and dust it down ๐Ÿ™‚


                        How will you transfer it to a private blog Ian, have you some way of transferring all your posts in one go?


                          I would just cut and paste – all my photos are on Flickr anyway.

                          Pain, I know. I might do it anyway as I also have my other cars that I have done the same.


                            @Den Hewitt wrote:

                            Post deleted of someone who leaves the club, is this the case Dave (OSL 282)?

                            Nope Den, one of a ‘Double’ post on a ‘technical’ question in 2 different forum sections was the only one I personally deleted to avoid duplication/confusion, the other post is still there.

                            Checking the Administration log, no users have been removed or posts deleted if Membership has not been renewed that I am aware of but no one has actually laid down any formal rules on that that I am aware of, it will require Mick to comment on that…..


                              Thanks Dave.


                                @Den Hewitt wrote:

                                Post deleted of someone who leaves the club, is this the case Dave (OSL 282)?

                                Den, I was being facetious. Please forgive me. It would most unlikely for the posts to be deleted, though Ian wouldn’t have access…..


                                  I joined the club as soon as I bought the car, it came with a box full of past issues of Floating Power.

                                  Its had its uses in my learning curve ( its starting to feel like the Pyrenees!) and when finally I sort Tech Torque out it will be extremely useful.

                                  But know I buy my spares from CAS and if I have a question it goes on the forum or I trawl the back issues/goggle.

                                  Not being in the UK the Forum is the Club to me and long may it last, Ian’s and many others project/advice posts have been extremely useful/essential and all I can say is I am trying to emulate the results and struggling with the amount of work (sadly with time and commitments some one is going to get payed to do a lot of it).

                                  The Powers that be can call me what they want I pay my subscription and take what I want, they can loose sleep not me.

                                  I hope nobody leaves the club over this if you read between the lines of past Floating Powers this is by longways not the first issue.

                                  Its a little old car not worth what I am spending on it YET, the car comes first and the club well as I have said it has its uses.

                                  Thats my tuppence worth and time for a beer all this talk has made me thirsty.


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