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      1938 Light 12 ECV516, just arrived at my home, drove car from sellers home in Limavady, County Londonderry, to my home in Randalstown, County Antrim, Northern Ireland. My brother John and I negotiated a deal and then returned to collect, very well pleased with the deal. I must say I always can get a good deal when John comes along with me, of course he will tell you the same as I have been there on his classic car deals. ( that’s what brothers are for, to be eyes and ears from outside the deal)
      Now the work begins on light restoration, would anyone have a set of seats in fairly good order as I would like to keep the lived in look rather than fit new leather, light brown or red, also door cards to match.

      Regards, David Selfridge


        Hi David
        Any photographs of your new acquisition?


          Don’t know how to post picture, I believe they have to be reduced in size.
          Help, help,
          Davy Selfridge


            Upload to Photobucket, or similar and then copy the (img) link that will appear in a box alongside it when you display the image. Copy and paste that across to your message and it should put up the photograph on the forum when you preview and then upload it. Don’t copy any links that you can get from Facebook images, these are time limited and the image will not be reproduced after a few weeks.


              Here goes with photos
              The Light 12 is on the Left (black) Light 15 Blue For Sale




                Davy Selfridge


                  Well done, and a pair of very nice cars as well.


                    Sorry to any member wishing to buy cavalier blue light 15 KVS 864, this car has been sold to a London buyer. Thanks to the members that showed an interest in this car. The car went live on the internet on the 14th August and was sold on the 24th August for the full asking price.
                    There were four people ( not TOC members) wanting to buy this car at the same time and the sale came down to the first to make a quick deal and not waste time making weak excuses and trying to act like professional car dealers.
                    Davy Selfridge.


                      Another addition to my Tractions, my first French L/H/D 11BL, this one for sale after I complete some light fixes.( originally I posted that this car required light restoration, however after washing car I was pleasantly surprised at the condition of the car. The last owner(now deceased) fitted car with new door skins and door bottoms complete with a repaint
                      The engine has been reconditioned, gearbox and clutch rebuild. The body on this car is exceptionally good considering it’s age (1953) suspension is vey good and car drives well.
                      The work completed since I bought the car (Monday 17th inst.) Is as follows, drain a refill with new brake fluid, new mechanical fuel pump, new 6 volt ducellier distributor and new external door handles.
                      Davy Selfridge


                        French car now requires a new fuel tank, new headlight, new taillights, new blinking lights back & front, new air filter and repainted dash fascia and metal around speedometer and door trims
                        The brakes are so very good on this car that it slides and smokes front tyres in a straight line in an emergency stop. This is the first Traction that I have driven that was capable of this.
                        Car should be finished in about 2 weeks if anyone interested in purchasing, I would deliver to Carnryian, Scotland or Liverpool, Great buy without searching the internet, where some dodger ones sometimes appear, I would swear by this car having known it’s whereabouts.
                        If any member requires more info or photos my email address is
                        These photos are of the car before and after a soapy wash.
                        Will further post when car is finished and ready for sale.


                          Hi Davy,
                          Sounds great – but my stable is more than full so it’s not for me. I’m sure you hope to sell it quickly but you should probably put an ad in F-P – which is also visible on the web site.


                          by the way – I’m glad you mentioned how good the brakes are – that shows what they should all be able to do if set up right.


                            I have eventually got around to posting a few Photos of 1953 BL after purchase and after a soapy wash only.
                            I will post more pics when car is complete and ready for a new Owner
                            Davy Selfridge.


                              The new Red Leather has just arrived back from the Trimmers for my 1938 Slough Light 12.The Trimmers are just 4 miles from my home and are a Company of all Polish management/workforce and take their customer & quality control so serious that they display their work in a display area and make sure you are totally satisfied before asking for payment.

                              The prices for their high quality work and short period turnaround for the works (4 weeks) complete interior £2500-00 including VAT
                              Well please with this Companys work, now to the paint shop for complete strip to bare metal and 2 Pac repaint, Black.



                                Nice work they do, is that angle motif correct? I’ve never seen that before but I’ve never seen a pre-war Slough car.


                                  Yes the door cards are a copy of the original and seats on the pre-war Slough has close formation stitching as opposed to the fifty styling of further apart stitching. I pointed out to the Trimmers that the most important part of this contract was to keep stringently to the old original panels/seats Citroen styling.
                                  The colour in these photos are much brighter than they are actually, as my garage has a lot of natural light through ridge to eaves roof lights, (Italian leather Rossi)


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