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    Iain Leggett

      Hi all,

      just brought a traction light 15 and was wondering if anyone lives near Royston, Herts and would have time to look over the car and pass on some useful tips, also what’s the best way to prime the fuel pump if it’s been standing around for 2 weeks.

      regards iain


      TOC Helpline

        Hi Iain,

        Hopefully the Membership Secretary can answer you question on nearby members.

        As far as priming the carburettor: is there a manual priming lever on the fuel pump?

        Like any engine, if it has been left for some time, all the oil will have drained into the sump and possibly leave the bearing surfaces dry.

        The way I proceed is, to turn the engine over first with the starter motor without the ignition on, so it doesn’t start, then manually prime the pump, then turn on the ignition and start the engine.


        Iain Leggett

          Cheers Steve

          It has a priming lever, so will be trying it on Friday evening as it’s stored not at home, thanks.


          David Selfridge

            Hi Ian, If the fuel pump hand lever does not deliver fuel, you will have have to turn the engine over a few degrees, away from where the mechanical lever has parked on the cam.

            Best Of Luck, Davy

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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