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    Roger Grix

      Can someone tell me how to send a private message? I am sure that I have done that in the past but can’t find it.





        I’ve never come across it and am not sure that it is possible.

        I have no doubt the moderator will step in and put us out of our misery shortly.


        Roger Grix

          Thanks Bernie,

          I guess it must have been on some other site that I used private messaging.

          It would be useful as some exchanges are not really relevant to the forum in general. I suspect, however, that the software to support it may be very complicated, especially with data protection problems.

          The reason that I asked was that, following my recent post regarding fuel prices in France, Joseph Dobson replied saying that he is planning a trip to SW France in October. As we are in SW France at the moment, and will still be here in October, it might be nice to exchange details to perhaps meet up.

          I will settle for posting my email address on the forum so Joseph can contact me if he wishes.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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