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      A number of “Wanted” ads for parts published in FP have generated replies which are undoubtedly some form of scam.

      The ads were answered by either HENRY CRIDDLE (henrycriddle2@gmail.com) or NICOLAS BURWELL (nicolasburwell78@gmail.com).  They both claim to have a suitable vehicle for the parts in question which, “for health reasons”, is being broken for spares and a poor-quality picture of a vehicle is often included.  Having declined Mr Criddle’s parts as too expensive, one member then received a message from Mr Burwell.  His tale of ill health – and the picture of the car he claimed to be breaking – were identical to those received earlier from Mr Criddle.

      In reply to another TOC member, Mr Criddle offered an address in Scotland and Mr Burwell claimed to be in Wales – both (conveniently?) too far away from the member’s home for simple personal collection or delivery.  Although this may just be a straightforward attempt to elicit payment but not then supply the goods, several members have also reported strong attempts to determine their full postal address and that could have much more worrying consequences, such as possible vehicle theft.

      I Googled Henry Criddle and found a warning on the Wolseley Owners forum from somebody who had experienced a similar response to a parts wanted ad. so it is not just the TOC being targeted.

      If anybody receives a similar message please copy it to me with detail of when their ad was published.

      Thank you.

      Bernie Shaw,





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