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    Dave Thornley

      Interesting to note that the editor makes comments on prices in his editorial in the Mar/April FP. I too have noted that prices seem to vary wildly.Currently they range from £7800 to £32500. As mentioned it would be useful, well for members looking for a vehicle, myself included, to actually see what prices are being achieved. If I see one priced at say £18000 in FP I will not even consider contacting the seller though the realised price may fall well short of that.


      Editor FP

        Since reading this post back in March, I have been asking members who have sold or bought via the columns of FP, confidentially, what sort of money has changed hands.

        I am starting to accumulate a database of information which hopefully will be fed back into the buying guide at some point.  There is, however, as you say, quite a wide divergence across the board. It is early days as yet, but I am starting to suspect that the private sale price of a nice useable 4 cylinder car in good general fettle does seem to be rising beyond the levels expressed in the guide, and is now heading towards £15,000. There are, however, still examples around that appear to be useable cars that are advertised for half of that.

        There is also a regional variation that is becoming clear, with cars in the north of the country seeming to fetch less than those in the south and perhaps not surprisingly, dealers seem to ask for the top prices.  A recent magazine review of the Traction, used a car from a dealer in Lincolnshire, a 1953 Normale, that was priced at almost £20,000, although this has now been reduced, I notice, to £18,995!

        However, some reviewers still seem to think that a project car can be had for between £2,500 and £4,000 ! I dread to think what a £2,500 Traction might be like in condition terms.

        It is a shame that the various websites that advertise classics, do not publish the actual prices achieved and as you say this may be significantly different from the asking price.

        There is further comment on this in the next FP and I will continue to monitor and advise as (if) the picture becomes clearer.

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