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      Ok, today is the official start of my project. Reason being I now have a garage the car will fit in!
      Any history on this car would be welcomed. I have the previous two owners details and will be contacting them in due course.
      My first jobs will be repair or re skin all 4 doors. They all have varying amounts of rust at the bottom and rather than repair I will replace.
      I also need to source the rain gutters, does anyone know if I can buy these or will I need to make them? I have minor rust between the gutter and roof which will get worse if not treated and to cure it properly they need to come off. I also have a small hole in one gutter.
      Once they are done I will move on with the interior.


        DVLA will supply MOT and owner history, for a fee, circa £5.00 (well it was)

        There is a form on their website to download and complete, you have to say why you want the info, basically to build a history file 🙂

        Also the conservatoire in Paris can confirm build date for a fee and supply a certificate for 50 euro, but they can’t tell you were the car went from the factory as they don’t hold the info.

        Body parts?

        Given the good exchange rate v the euro look at Jose Fransen http://www.citroen-traction-avant.com/Content/C_Produkte.aspx?SPR=4&KATSEITE=064 CTA and Der Franzose (tend to be more expensive) etc. etc.

        Plus the Club Stores has some parts and on a big job the Parts Membership fee scheme can save quite a bit of money with the 15% discount.


          I have the last two UK owners so will contact them in due course. I thought there was no MOT because of the car’s age? Thanks for the info re the gutters. My list of parts I need is getting longer, most are cosmetic so not urgent.


            MOT exemption only came in a few years back so there may be history available pre then. I have it for my 11BL which has been in the UK since 1985.


              Is there no MOT for classic cars in the UK ❓ I thought France was doing well with every 5 years.

              Bit daft really, they should be MOTed more often than modern cars, specially the old bangers that fall into the classic car class but without the enthusiastic owner 😆 (like many the farmer here in rural France)


                No MOT for cars built pre 1960 here in the UK Ian, but everything else gets an annual one when it’s over 3 years old.


                  Ah pre 1960. Makes sense. Here it is 30 years old and has to be registered as a classic.


                    I know what is required for a pass so will keep it checked for safety. I still have the 1999 CT sticker on the windscreen.


                      Has anyone got any pictures of the power steering conversion? I have a Corsa unit and the wiring all sorted but want to see where it is fitted on others cars.


                        Should be a good guide on my Barn Find Project page. Not sure of the Corsa unit as I used the EZ Power Steering from the Dutch company. Would assume they are all similar though.

                        I have mine set to minimum assist as the steering is so light it is a little scary. Need to put on some riders tires I think 😀


                          Thanks Ian. I have Taxi tyres on my car that are 175 wide. I am going to fit the control unit that offers full assist or minimal at the push of a button. I might change that to a pot if required. I am worried about making sure I transfer the stress through the body properly.


                            Volume 38, Issue 2 of “Floating Power” (Mar/Apr 2014) contains a 9 page article by Tim Waters who lives in Hobart, Tazmania.

                            You can access the article here:

                            Remember that the Username and Password you will be prompted for is that printed on the letter which accompanied your 2015/16 membership card!

                            The article contains email contact details for Tim, so you could contact him and ask if he has any more photos.


                              This was the thread on EZ Power Steering – viewtopic.php?f=4&t=124

                              It was easy enough to do although a bit finicky when putting it in its final position under the dash. had to modify and remanufacture the fixing bracket but otherwise it all went OK.

                              I can literally use one finger to turn the wheels lock to lock.


                                Ian you say one finger is that with power turned right down? Thanks for the how to it has answered a lot of questions.


                                  @bazessex wrote:

                                  Ian you say one finger is that with power turned right down? Thanks for the how to it has answered a lot of questions.

                                  yes, turned to minimum.

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